Interview Sorba Thomas

I’m Sorba Thomas and play as winger by Boreham Wood FC. I am know in Boreham Wood as the entertainer. I am a quick skilful winger who thrives of setting up my team mates and being the difference on the pitch. Growing up watching Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho just made me love football wanted to be like them play like them etc and back in the days I was always a striker growing up but once I came to Boreham Wood they started playing me as a winger and now the rest is history.

Interview Jack Holland

My name is Jack Holland, centre half and captain of Bromley FC. Football for me is one of the most important things in my life, it was all I wanted to do when growing up and I am blessed to be able to call it my job. I’m quite set in my ways with what I do before games, I normally get up at the same time, eat the same foods and have rarely broken my routine my wholesome playing football. The staff and players are the obvious answer as in important people at a football club, however at Bromley there are a lot of people behind the scenes