Interview Jay Foulston

I’m a 19 year old football player who lives in Swansea and plays for Newport county! Football has always been a massive part of my life since I was young. My qualities as a defender I would say are on the ball as I like to play and try to keep my self-composed on the ball at all times! I got into Newport academy just after I turned 15 as they were watching me when I played for Cardiff development squad and picked me up from there. Yes made my debut against Southend United and it was an unreal moment for me something I’ve dreamt of all my life…

Interview Matthew Sargent

I’d like to think I’m an all-round midfielder as I’ve got a good first touch, wide range of passing, improving at driving with the ball and I don’t mind the dirty side, for example running, heading, tackling. Massive, it’s all I’ve ever really known & gives me a purpose every day.
Within a football environment , I’d say everyone at the club you’re at as you all want to achieve the same goal….

Interview Michael Elstone

I make a good football player because I am a team player and will work hard during games. I have a lot of qualities that will help my teammates out. My strongest qualities are my speed, strength and finishing. The most important football lesson I have learned is that you have to be resilient and if you aren’t you won’t make it. You have a lot of ups and downs and you need to bounce back from them.

Nathaniel Jarvis

Hi I’m Nathaniel Jarvis, 27 Years of age and I play for Chippenham Town in the National League South. Football is an escape from everyday life for me. A way of life, to stay fit and healthy. As well as way to socialise with mates. Football is an escape from everyday life for me. A way of life.