Matt Jones

I’m Matt Jones and I play for Hungerford Town FC. Football is a massive part of my life, when it’s good I’m a different person. It’s one of the things I have that’s a bit of a release and gives me a chance to go have some fun with mates. It’s always been a major part of my life from the start and I don’t think that will ever change. I’m a trainee PE teacher now, so I balance it with that. t’s tricky at times but it’s two things I love doing…

Tom Smith

Hi, I’m Tom smith and I’m a central midfielder for Bath City FC. I’ve spent most of my career at Swindon town having progress from the age of 8 to professional level. I managed to make a total of 16 first team appearance whilst at Swindon. I then spent periods on loan to Waterford in Irish first division and Bath City FC in my second year as a pro. I later that year got released by Swindon town after 12 years at the club. After a successful year on loan for me at bath city I managed to secure a 2 year deal at Cheltenham Town FC.