Interview Andre Felipe Da Silva Mendes

My name is Andre, I’m 17 years old, and currently I’m a goalkeeper at Morecambe FC. I’m Portuguese, was born in Brazil where I spent 6 years of my life then moved to Portugal where I first had contact with actual football and played football for a team. I only started playing football because of my cousin, which is one year older than me, I went to watch him on his first session with the club and the coach invited me to join. I got put straight in the goal, even without gloves…

Adriano Moke

Hi I am Adriano Moke, I’m a professional football player and play for York City. I like to get on the ball as much I can and try make things work that can be in possession counter attack but also like to do the other part as in defending as a team or even individual, love to dribble with the ball at pace I feel like that’s my main strength. I’m relax listen to music and get in to my game mode or usually just dance about in the changing rooms