Interview Andrew Mills

Hi! I’m 26 years old, lived in Sweden for almost 7 years now! Moved over here a few months after leaving Macclesfield. Never thought after my first season in Sweden 6 years on I’d still be over here but I love the life over here, a lot different to back home.. I’m a pretty chilled lad so the lifestyle suits me over in Sweden as its super relaxed. I started football pretty late I think, it wasn’t till I was around 9/10 I joined a team, just playing locally on a Sunday.

Interview Jeff King

Hi I’m Jeff king 24 years old. Football is the only thing I’ve really known since a young age, it’s the highlight of my week!! My dad was always most important cause he took me across the country to training, games and helped me get where I am today. I enjoyed my time at Altrincham, learnt a lot with good people in such a nice club! Good coaches, that couple of years there helped me a lot!