Interview Justin Amuluzor

I’m Justin born in south London grew up in both south London and Bedfordshire. My specific qualities I would say are one vs one attacking and finishing because I enjoy beating players. I was at the Dartford youth set up and got picked up by Barnet in my 2nd year literally 2 months before Pros were handed out so felt grateful at the time cause boys have been there for 2 years and the managers at the time picked me ahead of them…

Interview Laurie Walker

I’m Laurie Walker 30 year old goalkeeper currently playing for Mk dons in in League 1. I wouldn’t say I have any specific strength of weakness, I work hard daily in training to try and improve my all round game to make sure I’m up to scratch and ready to play. Joining Mk as a kid is every kids dream come true, you take it for granted as a kid which is one thing I regret I wish I’d of spent more time on the training pitch at the time. But it was very different as I worked under two different managers who both had very different styles of play which was tough to adapt to quickly as a youth team player.

Interview Munashe Sundire

I’m Munashe Sundire, I’m 23 years old and I love football. I was born in Zimbabwe but moved to England when I was 2 years old. Football is very important to me. Some of my best experiences and memories are from football. I’ve met most of my closest friends through football. So it’s played a significant role in my life. I’m an athletic box to box or holding midfielder. I like to win the ball back, break up play, get on the ball and start attacks.

Interview Jake Evans

Hi, I’m Jacob Finlay Evans and I play for Cardiff City FC and now on loan to Hemel Hempstead Town FC. Football is a massive part of my life. From as young as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed playing football and wanted to succeed as much as possible. It’s become my life and I thoroughly enjoy every part. The games, training and the social side of it too. Through football I’ve made so many friends that I wouldn’t have done otherwise…

Interview Moussa Diarra

My names Moussa Diarra, I’m a 30-year-old playing for Woking FC in the National League. When I was a kid around 7 years I used to go watch my old brother play football every weekend he’s the one who made me love football and that’s how I start playing football. I’ve been playing left back at the start, I was really small compare to the other kids lol not like today then I moved centre back when I was 15…

Interview Conner Essem

My names Connor Essam, I’m a 27-year-old playing for Hemel Hempstead in the Conference South, my career has ranged from League 1 to Conference South and I have recently gone part time to begin my career off the pitch as a Financial Adviser. I am quite a traditional Centre back in the sense that I like to be aggressive and win the ball but I do think one of my best qualities is my reading of the game which should put me in good stead for the later years of my career.