Interview Sam Russell

I’m just a normal Boro lad, some would say not normal, proud dad to my daughter Darcie, 38 going on 21. Coming from the north east, your just born into it, my dad was a goalkeeper for local level and taught me everything he knew, I loved kicking a ball about every day/night, outdoor and in the house! but just seemed to be a natural thing to just be between the sticks, And my dad brought that out more in me. Big Boro fans and just wanted to one day do what my heroes did. Well coming through at Lilleshall national school, and then into academy and young pro..

Interview Laurie Walker

I’m Laurie Walker 30 year old goalkeeper currently playing for Mk dons in in League 1. I wouldn’t say I have any specific strength of weakness, I work hard daily in training to try and improve my all round game to make sure I’m up to scratch and ready to play. Joining Mk as a kid is every kids dream come true, you take it for granted as a kid which is one thing I regret I wish I’d of spent more time on the training pitch at the time. But it was very different as I worked under two different managers who both had very different styles of play which was tough to adapt to quickly as a youth team player.

Interview Matthew Urwin

Hello I’m Matthew Urwin currently goalkeeper for Chorley FC, I joined the club on loan from Fleetwood town in 2017 and made the move permanent in 2019 after spending a great year and a half at the club. I’d say I’m a shot stopper personally .quick around the goal and difficult to beat. However I’d also say I’m commanding on the pitch demanding the most out of the players. To be honest I don’t have any rituals apart from the same match warm up. Other than that I just get on with the game.

Interview Tom Hadler

Hi, I’m Tom Hadler and a goalie from Kent… Currently a free agent after leaving Eastbourne Borough I’m looking forward to getting back playing properly as soon as possible after COVID! For me it is definitely the goalie coach at the top. It is so important to have someone that knows how to challenge you and help you improve through relevant sessions but at the same time keep the environment fun, positive and confident. Obviously your team in general are massively important…

Interview Alex Street

Hello, my name is Alex Street and I am the goalkeeper for Kings Lynn Town FC. I would say I’m very confident with my ability loud love coming for a cross and a little bit of a sweeper keeper. Well I am a Bolton wanderers fan living in Norfolk. So growing up my ideals were Jussi Jääskeläinen and Robert green. Jussi was a good goalkeeper for Bolton very consistent never did anything dramatic. I used to by my boots at the time which were what he wore (Adidas world cups) rob green I was a fan…

Interview Lee Worgan

Hello, I’m Lee Worgan and I play for Dover Athletic FC. My dad loved football and got me involved from a young age, it became a passion that we both shared, a lot of my friends played at the local club as well and I loved everything about the game.  I started out as a left winger but quickly became a keeper at about 10 years old. As I made my way through the youth teams it became apparent that the closer you got to the first team the better…

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