Interview Cameron Burgess

Hi Guys Cameron here. I have a few little things I like to do before the game mostly on the prehab side of things I’ve picked up over the years, different stretches etc. And I like to wear the same shoes If we won the week before, don’t know why! Apart from that it’s just the usual preparation. I was living in Australia at the time and through various avenues got the chance to come across to a few teams and train to see if I could get a contract. Loved it straight away at Fulham, just everything about the place and the people involved!

Interview Michael Elstone

I make a good football player because I am a team player and will work hard during games. I have a lot of qualities that will help my teammates out. My strongest qualities are my speed, strength and finishing. The most important football lesson I have learned is that you have to be resilient and if you aren’t you won’t make it. You have a lot of ups and downs and you need to bounce back from them.