Zack Kotwica

Zack Kotwica I’m 24 born in Gloucester and playing for them. I started my career and Cheltenham Town, earning a pro contract with them when I was 17. The most important thing I’ve learned in football is no matter how much ability you have hard work and commitment will always get you further. I got scouted by Cheltenham was I was 7 years of ages playing for Brockworth Albion and a summer tournament my friends dad was the manager…

Tom Derry

I’m Tom Derry, 24 years old and live in Brixton, London. I play football for Tonbridge Angels in Kent, who play in the Vanarama National South division. On a day to day basis I work for a media company in Battersea, managing their operations and general running of the business. For me personally, the most important people within the football environment has to be your manager and his staff, followed by your teammates, fans and general community at the club.

Amos Kabeya

My Amos Kabeya, born In DR Congo but raised in England precisely Rotherham/Coventry. Football is one of the most important things in my life as it’s my everything because have sacrificed ALOT and still sacrificing for the love of the GAME. Speed/power, work rate and movement. Speed kills and no defenders like defending against speed, and work rate most important thing in football as it’s a team game, you have to work for the team…

Mike Fondop-Talom

Mike Fondop, Cameroon, 27/11/1993, Striker (Chesterfield FC) , n° 36. Football is a passion to me. I’m a big lad having pace, strength, aerial threat great technical ability. I think I’m special because I’m unpredictable with all God endowed me with. Played for Stanway for almost a year. I thank God it was a great experience.

Jordan Williams

My name is Jordan Williams and I play for AFC Fylde. I think what makes me a decent player and helps me have an advantage over other players is my fitness and pace, I pride myself on being athletically strong, in hope that this helps my technical side shine. I prepare for competition by keeping hydrated, taking the same supplements before every game provided from Herbalife, other than that I don’t have any other rituals.

Daniel Roberts

My name is Dan Roberts and I’m a Semi-professional footballer for Slough town. Yes, always. My dad had me kicking a ball since I could walk and has been all I’ve wanted to do since. Music is a big part of my preparation on a match day. I also have a few words, no more than a couple of sentences, that I say to myself before the start of every game no matter how important it is, a bit like a prayer in some ways.. sort of a good luck thing I guess.

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