Zack Kotwica

Zack Kotwica I’m 24 born in Gloucester and playing for them. I started my career and Cheltenham Town, earning a pro contract with them when I was 17. The most important thing I’ve learned in football is no matter how much ability you have hard work and commitment will always get you further. I got scouted by Cheltenham was I was 7 years of ages playing for Brockworth Albion and a summer tournament my friends dad was the manager…

Tony Thompson

Hi, my name is Tony Thompson, I’m 25 years of age and I was born and live in Liverpool. I play part time football at Altrincham FC, and I’m scaffolder by trade. Football is in my blood and growing up as a young lad in Liverpool I’ve always wanted to play football and never thought of anything else, other than that. When I made the decision to go part time it was a massive shock to the system

Marvel Ekpiteta

My names Marvel Ekpiteta I’m a professional footballer for Newport County. My specific qualities as a defender are that I enjoying defending so tackling, heading, blocks etc and I’m also very athletic. I took part in a u17 course at Oxford United which was if you was successful you got awarded a 2 year scholarship but I didn’t get it at the end of the season

Alefe Santos

My name is Alefe Santos and play football for Aldershot Town FC. It’s very important to me as it’s something I love and can do something I love every day. It’s very important to me as it’s something I love and can do something I love every day. I watch players that play in my position to try gain ideas to implement that into how I play. I moved to England because my mum met my step dad

Bobby-Joe Taylor

I’m Bobby-Joe Tayler, 24 years of age from Asford in Kent and I play left back for Dover Athletic Football club. I prepare for a game the same throughout the course of the season I.e. food, sleep etc I’m not a massive ritual person so don’t really have any if I’m honest. I’m a believer in the mind and how you are mentally to how you will perform on the day of a game so I just relax don’t think too much of the game until kick off.