Interview Cameron Green

Hi I’m Cameron green I’m a left back at Watford currently on loan to Braintree. Football is very important to me I have been playing since I was four and it’s the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I signed for reading after playing in a show case game for Nigel James, he has helped me the most in my career in football. I found my time at reading a difficult one with many hurdles I had to overcome

Interview Mike Fondop-Talom

Mike Fondop, Cameroon, 27/11/1993, Striker (Chesterfield FC) , n° 36. Football is a passion to me. I’m a big lad having pace, strength, aerial threat great technical ability. I think I’m special because I’m unpredictable with all God endowed me with. Played for Stanway for almost a year. I thank God it was a great experience.

Interview Sam Deadfield

Sam Deadfield, born and live in Reading, 22 years old. Most important people for me have to be teammates, whether that be past or present some of my best mates I’ve met through football. Agility/being light on my feet and range of passing. I’d like to think of myself as quite a technical player so being able to get on the ball and make things happen. I found my time at Birmingham city extremely enjoyable and met some great people.

Daniel Roberts

My name is Dan Roberts and I’m a Semi-professional footballer for Slough town. Yes, always. My dad had me kicking a ball since I could walk and has been all I’ve wanted to do since. Music is a big part of my preparation on a match day. I also have a few words, no more than a couple of sentences, that I say to myself before the start of every game no matter how important it is, a bit like a prayer in some ways.. sort of a good luck thing I guess.

Interview Harry Palmer

My name is Harry Palmer I am 23 and I am a professional football for Ebbsfleet united. For me it’s something I have always wanted to have a career in. So to be able to every day go and do something I love makes it even more enjoyable. In a short answer I wasn’t good enough as a striker! I started off at 7 playing up front and couldn’t get in the team so decided I’d rather play more and gave goalkeeping a go and have been there since!

Interview Tom Bradbury

I’m Tom Bradbury. A 6ft 3 left footed centre half who currently plays for Yeovil Town FC. Before I found a relationship with God, football was the most important thing in my life!  Now I combine God’s plan for my life and the talent he has given me to express myself on the pitch and enjoy every single day as a footballer! I want to spread the word of Jesus Christ through my football platform so therefore the game is vital to me!

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