Interview Luke Coulson

I’m Luke Coulson, I play for Bromley FC in the National League and I joined the club in November of 2018. Firstly, David Beckham, growing up as a Manchester United fan, it was impossible not to love the idol that is Beckham.
Secondly, Zinedine Zidane, I fell in love with his quality and the way he plays the game, majestic is the only word. Thirdly, Wayne Rooney, the passion and enthusiasm he has for the game combined with his ability was just phenomenal.

Interview Ben Turner

Grew up in Birmingham. Son of a gardener. Always wanted to be a footballer or the next Linford Christie. By senior school I knew football was my best chance. I always loved Roy Keane. He was so serious about the same and put everything on the line to win and I loved that growing up. The biggest difference in my position was the size and strength of the strikers I was up against. I caught the back end of the era of dele Adebola, Darius Henderson’s of the championship. It was get strong and tough or forget about a career at centre back.

Interview Lee Worgan

Hello, I’m Lee Worgan and I play for Dover Athletic FC. My dad loved football and got me involved from a young age, it became a passion that we both shared, a lot of my friends played at the local club as well and I loved everything about the game.  I started out as a left winger but quickly became a keeper at about 10 years old. As I made my way through the youth teams it became apparent that the closer you got to the first team the better…

Interview Jake Evans

Hi, I’m Jacob Finlay Evans and I play for Cardiff City FC and now on loan to Hemel Hempstead Town FC. Football is a massive part of my life. From as young as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed playing football and wanted to succeed as much as possible. It’s become my life and I thoroughly enjoy every part. The games, training and the social side of it too. Through football I’ve made so many friends that I wouldn’t have done otherwise…