Interview Andrew Mills

Hi! I’m 26 years old, lived in Sweden for almost 7 years now! Moved over here a few months after leaving Macclesfield. Never thought after my first season in Sweden 6 years on I’d still be over here but I love the life over here, a lot different to back home.. I’m a pretty chilled lad so the lifestyle suits me over in Sweden as its super relaxed. I started football pretty late I think, it wasn’t till I was around 9/10 I joined a team, just playing locally on a Sunday.

Interview Josh Wilde

My name is Josh Wilde and I play for Alfreton Town and work full time as a Senior Practitioner for Small Steps Nottinghamshire (provide support to families who ’s children are diagnosed with Autism or ADHD or show characteristic behaviours of ASD or ADHD). Football is my life and always will be and I am dreading the day already when I have I retire and hope to say involved by managing or coaching.