Interview Luke Coulson

I’m Luke Coulson, I play for Bromley FC in the National League and I joined the club in November of 2018. Firstly, David Beckham, growing up as a Manchester United fan, it was impossible not to love the idol that is Beckham.
Secondly, Zinedine Zidane, I fell in love with his quality and the way he plays the game, majestic is the only word. Thirdly, Wayne Rooney, the passion and enthusiasm he has for the game combined with his ability was just phenomenal.

Interview Ollie Tanner

I’m Ollie Tanner and I play for Bromley FC. I am a midfielder but can also play wide. My favourite position would have to be attacking midfield in the hole. Probably a coach at Bromley called Danny Mills as he helped me develop as a player and supported me through a good and bad times. The players I looked up to when I was younger were David Silva and Aaron Ramsey. I really liked the way they played…

Interview Jack Holland

My name is Jack Holland, centre half and captain of Bromley FC. Football for me is one of the most important things in my life, it was all I wanted to do when growing up and I am blessed to be able to call it my job. I’m quite set in my ways with what I do before games, I normally get up at the same time, eat the same foods and have rarely broken my routine my wholesome playing football. The staff and players are the obvious answer as in important people at a football club, however at Bromley there are a lot of people behind the scenes

Football clubs London

In the National League and the National League North and South, there are eight different clubs from London. Four from the National League and four from the National League South.
Barnet FC playing in the National League, has the most capacity in their Stadium. They can receive approximately 6.500 football fans.