Interview Tom Derry

I’m Tom Derry, 24 years old and live in Brixton, London. I play football for Tonbridge Angels in Kent, who play in the Vanarama National South division. On a day to day basis I work for a media company in Battersea, managing their operations and general running of the business. For me personally, the most important people within the football environment has to be your manager and his staff, followed by your teammates, fans and general community at the club.

Alefe Santos

My name is Alefe Santos and play football for Aldershot Town FC. It’s very important to me as it’s something I love and can do something I love every day. It’s very important to me as it’s something I love and can do something I love every day. I watch players that play in my position to try gain ideas to implement that into how I play. I moved to England because my mum met my step dad

Harrison Panayiotou

My name is Harrison Panayiotou and I’m a Saint Kitts and Nevis international footballer. I play as a forward for the National League club Aldershot Town FC. I prepare for the game but listening to gospel music & always praying and doing the Lord’s Prayer. I was scouted by playing for a local side Allexton new Parks & at Leicester I would say Trevor Peake helped me the most, helped me find myself as a player & did very well under him.

Bobby-Joe Taylor

I’m Bobby-Joe Tayler, 24 years of age from Asford in Kent and I play left back for Dover Athletic Football club. I prepare for a game the same throughout the course of the season I.e. food, sleep etc I’m not a massive ritual person so don’t really have any if I’m honest. I’m a believer in the mind and how you are mentally to how you will perform on the day of a game so I just relax don’t think too much of the game until kick off.

Jonny Giles

I’m Jonny, 25 years old, I play as an attacking midfielder for Chelmsford City FC alongside working for a green investment firm in London. It’s very important to me, has been all my life.  You get a chance to meet people from all different backgrounds and get a chance to escape working life and try and achieve something. Good with the ball at my feet and in 1v1s – so unpredictable that even I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.