Interview Alex Whitmore

I think I can be classed as an out and out defender first and foremost. I enjoy the heading, blocking and tackling more than anything, but I do like to try and find a pass and bring the front lads in to play as much as I can. I think looking at it objectively my career reads like a slip down the leagues, but I don’t see it that way. I’ve made decisions best for me regarding the clubs I’ve joined and other times things haven’t worked in my favour. I’ve played across 4 leagues in my career and also in the youth systems at 18 and 23s levels so I’m fairly well versed across the board.

Interview Matthew Urwin

Hello I’m Matthew Urwin currently goalkeeper for Chorley FC, I joined the club on loan from Fleetwood town in 2017 and made the move permanent in 2019 after spending a great year and a half at the club. I’d say I’m a shot stopper personally .quick around the goal and difficult to beat. However I’d also say I’m commanding on the pitch demanding the most out of the players. To be honest I don’t have any rituals apart from the same match warm up. Other than that I just get on with the game.

Interview Alex Whittle

I’m Alex Whittle and I play for Boston United FC. Quick full back who likes to go forward overlap – join in attacks .. very comfortable on the ball and also good 1v1 defender. Yeh I was at Liverpool from the age of 6/7 spent 11 seasons there .. thoroughly enjoyed my time there and learnt so much at a fantastic club ..a bad injury and change of management during my scholarship years made me leave on a sour note unfortunate…

Interview Sam Hornby

Sam Hornby goalkeeper for Bradford city currently on loan to AFC Fylde. I don’t have a routine really I prepare for every game the same breakfast have a relax at home, shower then if I go to the game tend to always eat my pre match on the way to a home game as don’t like eating too early and not giving myself enough time to travel to a home game like to be there early don’t like rushing on the day of a game, away games on the coach just have a chat with the lads on my table of the coach…

Jordan Williams

My name is Jordan Williams and I play for AFC Fylde. I think what makes me a decent player and helps me have an advantage over other players is my fitness and pace, I pride myself on being athletically strong, in hope that this helps my technical side shine. I prepare for competition by keeping hydrated, taking the same supplements before every game provided from Herbalife, other than that I don’t have any other rituals.