Esport – League of Legends – Jezu: “I put a lot of pressure on myself”

Esport - League of Legends - Jezu: "I put a lot of pressure on myself"

“You end this first week with only one victory, against BDS, but have not been helped by a difficult schedule (MAD Lions, Fnatic). How do you judge these beginnings? Even though we lost our last game, against Fnatic, I really liked what we offered. I think we had problems identifying our winning conditions in these first matches, but that’s not the most important thing. As long as we really play, that we are not passive, it’s fine. That was the problem in our match against MAD Lions, where we watched each other lose.

It’s rather encouraging for the rest of the season, then?
Clearly. I’m quite optimistic for this season… Honestly, I expected a little better, I thought we would show more than that. The first game, I was not comfortable at all, I didn’t feel at my best during the game and I realized after that it was because I messed up my mouse settings. .. And in the end, we still won, even though I played very badly individually! I think when we are released, we play well. It’s more when you have the pressure of having to win that you play badly.

Next week you have two seemingly affordable matches, against Misfits and Astralis. How important is it to achieve success early in the season?
I think it’s important to win at the start, because that’s what gives you confidence and makes the team work. That’s why we did an intensive training camp during the off-season and we resumed training very early, because we really don’t want to miss the play offs this time. Misfits and Astralis will be two important matches, because they are two direct competitors for the Top 6.

In the spring, you finished in eighth place and therefore missed the play offs. What did you miss?
On the first part of the season, I think that, as I said, there was a fear of losing which slowed us down. And that’s when we got knocked out of the race play offs, that we had more pressure, that we started to win matches. That’s why after the match against MAD Lions, we were afraid of falling back into our ways. We must be aware that we can win if we play. It goes through a lot of discussions between us to find out what we want to do together.

Many struggling teams in the spring decided to make changes, but not SK. Why this choice ?
The second part of the segment went well, so we were still on a good note. Above all, we all get along very well, so we wanted to keep the identity we had. We were all ready to work with the others again with pleasure. I was happy that we didn’t make any changes because it can give us an advantage at the start of the season.

Personally, how was your off-season?
I played a lot online, caught up on a lot of competitive matches… I put a lot of pressure on myself for this summer segment, maybe a little too much. I was a little sick this weekend, I don’t really know why, but maybe for that. I put so much pressure on myself that I haven’t slept much for three days. this is the first time that it happens to me.

Why this pressure? Do you feel like you have to prove that you still deserve your place in the LEC for next season?
It’s been two segments that it’s been going badly for the team and for me (last summer SK finished ninth). It would be nice if I showed a little what I’m worth. There is a time when you have to prove yourself and this is the segment for that. »

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