Yoga for couples: the benefits and the easiest positions to start with

Yoga is not just an individual discipline, but also an activity to be practiced in two to share the benefits, starting from trust, empathy, communication and harmony

Eleonora Biliotti

In the collective imagination yoga is considered an individual discipline which helps to achieve greater self-awareness both physically and mentally. A “philosophy” of ancient life able to keep the organism in shape, rebalance the thought, rediscover the center of gravity of one’s emotions, meditate and take care of oneself. A solitary activity. We meet in group lessons – face to face or online – and new friendships can be made, but the practice is generally seen and experienced as personal and private. You shouldn’t look at and / or emulate others.

There concentration on its own mat is one of the first pillars. However, this discipline is not necessarily focused only on the individual, but it can also be useful to practice it with another person, not necessarily our partner: it is no coincidence that yoga in pairs is gaining more and more importance and popularity.

Yoga in pairs

The fundamental aspect of practicing yoga in pairs is the sharing: it is therefore a means and a tool to refine being together. Not for nothing, the very word yoga, which derives from Sanskrit, means unite, integrateharmonize and experience emotions, sensations, with greatness empathy and harmony. Yet most importantly, yoga as a couple is a lot of fun. It’s the perfect way to bond with old friends or make new ones, and can boost healthy communication in relationships. Helps you get to know your training partner better, boosting confidence. Teaches to be less critical of the other, allows you to go further and practice exercises that can only be performed in pairs and at the same time facilitates the execution of some movements. It increases the spirit of sharing. In the practice of yoga in pairs, mutual aid is essential for the execution of some postures. The latter, in addition to creating benefits at the level of the body and complicity, will help make the relationship more alive, stable and playful if yoga is practiced with your partner.

The asanas for yoga in pairs

And now let’s see some asanas to start practicing yoga as a couple.

  • The first exercise is called Sukhasana, also called Simple Posture: It will allow you to listen to each other’s breaths. You need to do five or ten full deep breaths with your eyes closed. Once done, you and your partner sit back to back, with your legs crossed. Inhale and together rotate the torso to the same side, then to intensify the posture try to leverage the outer side of your knee. The other hand, on the other hand, reaches your partner’s knee. Maintain the position and repeat.
  • The second position is called Gripper position: sitting back to back, one of you will lift your hips off the ground by stretching the spine on your partner’s back. This, in turn, will lean forward. The former will straighten his legs and stretch his arms back to grab the partner’s big toes. Maintain the position and then switch roles.
  • Two twin masts. This is such a fun way to practice tree pose. Put side by side by side, from hip to hip, wrapping your arms around each other’s waist. Bring your outer leg into the tree pose, and your outer hand to join your partner’s opposite hand in a prayer position in front of your chest. Press your palms together and feel yourself rooted in the ground, supported gently by your partner’s tree. You can then grow your trees together by reaching the outer hands up. Also experiment with moving smoothly together as if swinging in a breeze. See how having your partner there makes for the experience of balance!
Position of the two twin masts

  • Double boat. Before you play with this beautiful double-balanced boat, make sure you’re nice and warm, and you’ve done some work to free your hamstrings – it’ll make all the difference. Sit face to face with your partner, with your knees bent and the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Close your wrists together and lean back. Play with gripping your partner’s left and right feet off the ground, and connecting the soles of your feet in the air. You can stretch your legs or keep your knees bent. You will probably need to adjust your sitting position to find the perfect spot. Play with the other leg, leaning your back and finding more lift across your chest. Finally, see what happens when you try both legs together. You will need to rely more on your partner’s support, but be sure to involve your core as well to support them and keep your heart lifted. You may find it possible to fully extend both legs or keep your knees bent as you need to. To get out step by step, step down one foot at a time, no jumping!

It is superfluous to remember that as for all activities it is necessary to practice and consistency and the benefits of yoga in pairs will not be immediate, but it will be necessary to devote time and energy: the “fun” is still guaranteed. Always start with the simplest asanas to level up with time.

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