Yes, Berrettini at Wimbledon can sign another company

At Queen’s Matteo’s feeling with grass is confirmed: he is included among the top three favorites along with Djokovic and Nadal. Right to be optimistic about the quality of the game and the strength of the Roman at this moment

Matteo Berrettini confirms the feeling with the grass and after Stuttgart reaches the final also at Queen’s, the prestigious starter of Wimbledon, where he defends the title won last year. It must be said that so far, in the immaculate path in the two tournaments, he has not met valuable opponents, but the important thing was that our number one put together many games to find the feeling with the competition after the long absence due to the injury to the but no. In fact, the risk was that he could show up on the noble fields of Church Road, which last year celebrated his extraordinary adventure until the final lost against Novak Djokovic, without adequate fuel in his legs to face two weeks of great physical and mental fatigue. But Matteo could not have given himself a better viaticum, accumulating a considerable amount of tennis: he is not yet brilliant in some movements, but it is possible that the long break has served him for a substantial athletic appeal in view of the tiring summer season.

optimists with good reason

Now he will have another week to definitively perfect his approach to Wimbledon, a tournament in which I feel I can place him among the top three favorites together with Djokovic and Nadal, unless Kyrgios, Shapovalov and Hurkacz find an exceptional day. I am convinced that the top four seeds of the tournament will keep an eye on the part of the board where the blue will end up, an opponent they will certainly want to avoid as long as possible. The optimism that will accompany Matteo’s trip to London is supported by the quality of play that the Roman boy manages to express on the lawns, as well as by the solidity shown in these two weeks, where he has often been hindered by delicate situations with the strength of character and the coldness that marks the great champion: because the ability to win while suffering is typical of the top. Obviously, over the years, he has added technical details that make him now an ultra-luxury interpreter of weed: in the meantime he has improved in the forward movements, which were an Achilles heel at the beginning of his career. As a result, he can reach the net more profitably and score easy points with the flying game, in which he is showing very appreciable progress. The hammering with which he prepares the attacks certainly helps him, which often makes the volley a simple formality, but on more than one occasion he has also shown a very polite hand.

The leap in quality

But the fundamental that allowed him to make the most substantial leap in quality is certainly the backhand backhand, a shot he did not have in the arsenal when he appeared on the circuit. Now he plays it with a more pronounced and malignant cut for the opponents, substituting it with a depth of trajectories that allows him not to lose ground in the exchange, then combining it with a remarkable continuity compared to the many mistakes of the beginning of his career. Let’s add that Matteo, with probably the most devastating serve of the circus, has risen a lot in response to the joke of others. In short, the intelligent and constant evolution of Berrettini could really give us the dream of a triumph at Wimbledon only touched on last year.

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