Xpeng Voyager X2: electric, flying and autonomous.  The goal is to sell it by 2024

The Chinese Xpeng aims to start sales of its X2 by 2024. But above all it is working on real electric flying cars, capable of traveling on rubber like a car and hovering in the sky like a helicopter. Also taking advantage of autonomous driving

Manuele Cecconi

The goal is one of the ambitious ones: to start with sales by 2024. Of course, the difficulties are many (also of a regulatory-legal nature) and we would not be surprised at all if the market debut of the Voyager X2 slips forward by a few months or year, but the fact that Xpeng goes so far as to set out such well-defined goals is an eloquent indicator of how determined she is to proceed along this path. Which? That of flying electric vehicles, in some ways similar to commercial drones and more or less close to the traditional concept of cars.


It has been talked about for some time, but now the Voyager X2 looks set to become a reality. It is an electric aircraft that promises to revolutionize the world of private transport. Capable of a top speed of around 130 km / h, the X2 accommodates two passengers and is equipped with eight propellers, which allow it to soar in flight up to 500 meters of altitude. There are also eight battery-powered electric motors, while the balance tip stops at 360 kg (560 kg maximum take-off weight), a result obtained by making extensive use of carbon and composite materials. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the aircraft can fly autonomously for about 35 minutes, and then land on the fixed sled a bit like a helicopter.


Xpeng, founded in Guangzhou in 2013 by Zhao Deli, aims to bring its flying jewel to the market within two years. The goal is to allow electric and autonomous air travel of up to 200 km by 2030. But if the X2 is an eVtol in all respects, that is an electric aircraft with vertical take-off and landing, Xpeng is also working on other projects that fall more properly in the concept of “flying car”. Vehicles similar to the cars we know, equipped with wheels and able to circulate on the road like a traditional car, but also able to fly in a similar way to the X2. Obviously, at the moment, there are only more or less imaginative renders and some patents, but technology runs fast and today’s science fiction can become tomorrow’s reality. Even in a (relatively) short time.

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