World Championships in the name of the heirs of Faith: Quadarella, Pilato, Castiglioni and Panziera

In Budapest four different stories: in the meantime they all advance in the drums. In the men’s field, tonight the final of the 100 breaststroke with Martinenghi as favorite

From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

The Sunday of the women who will have to ferry the women’s swimming after Pellegrini. In order of appearance, the backstroke Margherita Panziera, the rancher Benedetta Pilato, the middle distance runner Simona Quadarella. They all advance in the heats of the Budapest World Cup: Panziera together with Silvia Scalia, who trains in Verona with Matteo Giusto, next husband of Fede; Taranto with Arianna Castiglioni, who goes faster; and all by herself the Roman, before the humans behind the American Katie Ledecky.

Margherita the back

The European champion of the 200 starts from the 100 backstroke and has been confirmed right here in Budapest. And here, for the World Cup, you need to give a strong signal after the Olympics to forget. The 100 is a test for the passage, and in the meantime you have the ninth time for tonight’s semifinal in 1’00 ”40; Silvia Scalia also advances, author of the 11th time in 1’00 ”77. “I really like this tub. Last year it went very well, after the European Championship I had some physical problems that I was not able to solve completely. I feel better than in the Absolutes and I hope to improve ”. And the student of the Giunta: “I was tense in this debut. Time is fine, the important thing was to pass. I am happy to be here after a season of change. I hope to continue like this “.

Benny and the Frogs

In the pool that took her to the world record in the 50 breaststroke, Benny’s first test this time is in the 100 breaststroke, swam smoothly in 1’06 “68 (30” 91), at Lilly King levels. Arianna Castiglioni wins her battery and touches with the fourth time in 1’06 “49 (31” 26): she leads the only Chinese Tang already under 1’06 “. The real race will be tonight: to enter the final. “In the last part, I broke down a bit. In the end, the sensations were also good in the warm-up. I feel at home, in this swimming pool where I made the world record. I’m not saying calm, because there’s always a bit of anxiety, but I’m calm ”. Castiglioni is also serene, she moved from Varese to Caserta, she changed everything and got a tattoo: head and heart. In Andrea Sabino’s group she feels very motivated: “I broke the ice, I’m happy because the goal was to take one step at a time. I swam well without ever overdoing it. I tried to stay linear throughout the race. We are all there and in the afternoon we will play for the passage to the final. I made a point of enjoying the World Cup in a serene way. In the last competitions of last year I was agitated and I was not lucid and the results can be seen. I have upset everything, from the city change to completely different training sessions, I am maturing to face both training and competitions, to be calm and enjoy every single moment “.

Simona is there

Simona Quadarella, squeezed between the Australians Johnson and Pallister, swims the 1500s, of which she is the outgoing champion, in 15’56 “19 with these steps: 1’00” 993, 2’04 “46, 4’12” 14, 8 ’27 “74, 12’44” 27, 14’52 “22. A tight and very useful test in view of tomorrow’s final. She is second behind only the phenomenal Katie Ledecky who never lost and in 2019 she forfeited for health reasons, effectively giving the Roman a free field, who here in 2017 revealed herself with a bronze and here she seeks revenge after the missed podium at the Games of the redemption. She to keep an eye on the two teenagers Grimes and Pallister. She says a pupil of Minotti, an Olympic bronze medalist from the 800s and a European queen who is also preparing the August event in her Rome: “I feel good, the sensations were good. With Christian we decided to do around 16 ‘, I did 15’56 ”, that’s fine. Five years after the Budapest bronze medal? Coming back here is always nice, I like the tub, it made me go fast. I have so many memories here. Since 2017 I have much more awareness and experience and it can only help me. The Ledecky? I saw the 400, she went very fast as usual. I don’t want to look at her. I have seen the 400 more out of curiosity. A few people arrived, uncles and cousins, of course mum and dad. I’m always happy to have them here ”.


Marco De Tullio also did well, advancing in the 200 sl with 13th time (1’47 “7, out Di Cola, only 24th in 1’48” 09), and the expected Thomas Ceccon in the 100 backstroke (9th in 53 “70): tonight for the Vicenza player the final in the 50 butterfly against the American Dressel. Direct Rai 2 from 6 pm: Nicolò Martinenghi is also present in the final of the 100 breaststroke and will start from lane number 4, that of the favorite.

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