The players of the French women’s team will each receive 24,000 euros in the event of victory at Euro 2022. We are very far from the amounts received by the Blues of Didier Deschamps.

Equal pay in football is not for tomorrow. The proof with the amounts promised to the players of the France team in the event of victory in Euro 2022, which will take place in July.

In case of triumph, the players of Corinne Deacon will each receive 24,000 euros, indicates L’Equipe. It will be 16,500 euros in the event of elimination in the semi-finals, and 13,000 euros for a quarter-final.

Very far from the bonuses of the Blues of Deschamps

We are therefore very far from the 173,000 euros received by the men of Didier Deschamps after Euro 2020, where they had been released in the round of 16. In case of victory during the Euro, the Blues would have received more than 300,000 euros. If he wins another World Cup at the end of the year, with the jackpot promised to Qatartheir premium will exceed 400,000 euros.

The USA, a special case

Should we denounce a lack of consideration on the part of the FFF with regard to the Blue? Some countries like the United States have opted for equality of income between their two selections: the income of the men’s and women’s teams are grouped together, in order to offer equivalent bonuses. The difference with France being that the American women’s team, quadruple world champion and quadruple Olympic champion, is much more efficient than its male counterpart.

The FFF keeps its line of conduct

Rather than equality of income, France favors equal treatment. The two French teams thus receive the same share of the FFF’s income in a major competition, namely 30% of the allocation paid by UEFA, when it is a Euro, or the sum allocated Fifa, during a World Cup. Then, this sum is divided between the players and the staff, according to the following model: 23 shares for the players or players, three or four shares for the management.

“In this competition, you don’t win economically”

The difference is therefore due to the income generated by women’s competitions, a discrepancy that the FFF does not wish to correct. In its defense, the Federation indicates that it can lose money on a major competition. This is explained in L’Equipe by the vice-president of “3F”, Philippe Diallo.

“There will be 2.9 million euros in expenses, he explains about the Women’s Euro. If the French team stops in the quarter-finals, it will be a sporting disappointment and a loss of 1.6 million euros for the Federation. In this competition, even if you win sportingly, you do not win economically. »

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