Two crowns for Israel at the European Championships in Tel Aviv

In the absence of Russians and Belarusians, we suspected that the cards would be redistributed during the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, which ended this Sunday in Tel Aviv. But, at home, is it so surprising that Israel got such rewards? Of course, Linoy Ashram was such an exceptional gymnast that she had beaten the Averina twins for the Olympic title last summer, without any other possible dispute than Russian bad faith. Only, the bubbly brunette ended her career, joined the technical staff of her national team, was in the stands all week. And it seemed hard to imagine finding him an heiress so quickly.

Daria Atamanov “a little in shock”

But we have to believe that Israel has become a stronghold on the chessboard. Individually, we had imagined a duel between the Italian Sofia Raffaeli and the Bulgarian Boryana Kaleyn. But the first missed her general competition (4th) and the second let her ball escape (2nd). It is therefore the very young Daria Atamanov (16 years old) – who lives like her eldest in Rishon LeZion, also works with Ayelet Zussman and… Ashram – who wins the prestigious title.

“I’m a bit in shock”, will declare the teenager who started at seven years old, daughter of a translator and a high-tech specialist who have never been involved in sport. And this coronation does not quite come out of nowhere since Daria Atamanov had already obtained a European junior title with clubs. In the apparatus final, she will not repeat, the two favorites sharing the four gold medals (hoop and clubs for Rafaelli, ball and ribbon for Kaleyn).

But the festival could not have been complete if the Israelis had not also imposed themselves in the general competition of the groups, while Italy would dominate the two finals in the 5 hoops, then in the 3 balls-2 ribbons.

The 5th tricolor set with balloons-ribbons

The France team, for its part, is progressing slowly. The two individuals in the running managed to climb into the final of the all-around competition bringing together the first 24 of the qualifications: Lily Ramonatxo precisely finished 24th, but the Calaisian Hélène Karbanov approached the top 10 (13th), before competing in the final to the ribbon (7th).

As for the group made up of Emma Delaine, Manelle Inaho, Lozéa Vilarino, Ashley Julien, Eléonore Caburet and Ainhoa ​​Dot-Espinosa, they slipped to 6th place overall, before obtaining 7th place in hoops and , especially, the 5th in balloons-ribbons.

“Not everything is perfect, but the stability is much better. This guarantees performance and builds an ambitious future.”appreciates Kevinn Rabaud, the DTN of the small Blue.

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