The gifts from Barcelona to Real Madrid that torment Jasikevicius

ANDn in the defeats of Barcelona in recent weeks -and this final has not been an exception- his coach, sarunas jasikeviciushas pointed to the lack of energy and gifts What does your team do to justify them? “That’s how difficult it is to win,” she has had enough of saying. After three games the final you can limit and put names to those gifts to which the Lithuanian mentions and that have placed the azulgranas on the edge of the precipice.

Jasikevicius gives instructions to Laprovittola.

Jasikevicius gives instructions to Laprovittola.EFE

Perhaps the one that has penalized them the most has been the rebound. The overwhelming dominance of whites under the boards has multiplied their opportunities and has weighed heavily on those of the azulgranas. Madrid has captured 20 rebounds more (115) than Barça (95) in the first three games 6.7 more on average in each meeting. A difference that would not be so decisive if it were not for 43 of the whites (14.3 per game) have been offensive18 more than Barça (25).

Too many second chances for Madrid

That dominance of the rebound of the real Madridespecially under the Barca rim, has allowed him to have many second and even third chances in order to score. Not in vain, the madridistas have made 202 shots at the basket at this start of the final by 168 for the Barcelona fans. This means that those of Chus Mateo have disposed of 34 more shots to the basket than his rival, which translates into 34 more opportunities to score. And that against a team with as many offensive levers as Madrid is usually paid dearly.

Yabusele crushes Barcelona's rim during the third game of the final.

Yabusele crushes Barcelona’s rim during the third game of the final.EFE

Jasikevicius he also emphasizes one day in and the other out that his team need more energy to be able to compete, but his speech has not caught on among his players more because they couldn’t -the feeling is that they have arrived at this final stretch of the season melted- that because they did not want to. Either energy, intensity or ‘testiculin’let each one put the name they want, in that section Madrid is winning the race by several bodies.

Neither freshness nor energy nor legs

Said the legendary coach Bozidar Maljkovic that stats are like a bikiniin the sense that they show many things in the game, but not all. In the case of Barça they are leaving them naked in these first three games, and not only because of the rebounds, but also. The matter of ball steals it is obvious, with 33 from the whites for only 17 from the azulgranas.

Rudy drops to the ground to try to steal the ball from Jokubaitis during the third game of the final.

Rudy drops to the ground to try to steal the ball from Jokubaitis during the third game of the final.EFE

And the one of the lost the ballthe gifts par excellence in basketball, further strips Barcelona, ​​which sum 43 (14.3) by 33 (10.3) of Madrid. Both statistics reveal that whites are being much more intense in defense, adding more recoveries and causing more losses to his rival, who finds it hard to match that energy. They lack freshness and legs.

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