Tavares overwhelms Barcelona and Real Madrid wins its 36th League

Nand the epidemic of covid-19 suffered by all its members, nor the numerous injuries of his squad, nor the fact of having to play no bases all playoffsnot even cardiac condition that his coach suffered, Paul Lassobefore the final… nor the Barcelona the best team in Europe almost all season. Nothing and no one could contain the enormous desire and the competitive gene of a real Madrid that reached the end of the season pletrico, knocked down the azulgranas again (81-74) and conquer your thirty-sixth league title.

The most emotional moment of the final: Llull hands over the Cup to Laso

The Real Madrid did not sign its most efficient match. In fact, the Barcelona was much more tuned in front of the basket, with 11/23 triples that allowed him to make the rubber until practically the end of the match, but crashed before a gigantic Tavares that acted as Goliath and demonstrate a superiority under both boards that became insulting at times.

Tavares, the most decisive wall in Europe

The white wall demonstrated in the most important game of the season that He is the most decisive player in Europe. finished with 25 points, 13 rebounds, one block, seven fouls drawn and a PIR of 41more than half that all of Barcelona (70). But more impressive than that devastating statistic was the sense of power he exhibited in every action: he changed rivals’ shots, he grabbed rebounds over the heads of the azulgranas as if he were a father playing with his young children and every time he received the ball in attack he was absolutely unstoppable against the impotence of Davies, Sanli and Smits to even bother him.

The play that sums up the entire final: Tavares block on Mirotic in plan “you can’t pass!”#Let’s go Movistar Plus+

Tavares was the most visible face of this madridista league title, but he alone would not have been able to win the trophy without the waste of pride and caste of his teamwho left his soul in each ball to get the game forward on a fateful day in the shot (5/19 triples).Causeur (17 points) He was the best squire of the Cape Verdean. But the struggle of the courageous Deck, Hanga and Yabusele and the experience of Rudy and Llull also made it possible. Bara’s contribution was of no use. Mirotic(14), Exum (13), Calathes (12) or Smits (9).

Departure in a rush of the whites

The Madridas usual (he has won the first nine quarters in these playoffs) I came out in a rush and I soon tightened the rope around Barça’s neck (9-2, min 6) with a big Tavaresunstoppable for Davis first and for sanli after. By then the Bara had already returned to their old ways with three turnovers and also conceding five offensive rebounds. But a triple sanli and five points Jokubaitis they made up their weak start (13-10, min 10).


Madrid returned to the charge in the second quarter propelled by his old guard. Five points from Rudy and six from Llull -with a triple and an unbelievable 2+1 while they grabbed his arm – they shot the whites with a partial 11-0 (24-10, min 13). The Bara wobbled, but recovered verticality closing the bounce (I did not give up an offensive one in the entire second act) and tuning from the triple with 5/7 in this act (Mirotic, Kuric, Calathes and two from Exum) to keep the pulse (34-33, min 20).

Causeur, the best lieutenant of Tavares

causeur and a huge Tavares kept the whites ahead, but Bara continued to make rubber with Smits and triples by Kuric, Mirotic and Calathes (52-48, min 29), more liberated as soon as the Cape Verdean ogre went to the bench to take a breath. Llull widened the gap, immediately sutured by Exum, Calathes and Higgins to put the azulgranas ahead for the first time in the match (55-56, min 30).

The viral gesture with which Casseur ‘guillotined’ Bara after a decisive three-pointer

But the great exit from Madrid in the last act he aborted any attempt at reaction from his rival. hanga I scored a triple Tavares imposed his body how and when he wanted and the courageous Deck abuses Kuric to bring the Whites closer to the title (69-61, min 37). Barcelona did not kneel until they were forced to do so the immense Tavares and Causeurlethal with eight points in this quarter and a decisive triple 1.50 from the end to close the match (79-70). The azulgranas They landed on their feet, but looking up at a Tavares who made all his efforts in vain to give his thirty-sixth League to the whites.

Technical sheet:

81-Real Madrid (13+21+23+24): Hanga (7), Causeur (17), Deck (7), Yabusele (4) and Tavares (25) -initial team-, Rudy Fernndez (5), Poirier (7), Llull (9) and Taylor (-).

74 – Bara (10+23+23+18): Calathes (12), Higgins (4), Kuric (8), Mirotic (14) and Davies (4) -starting quintet-, Sanli (3), Sergi Martnez (-), Smits (9), Laprovittola (2), Abrines (-), Exum (13) and Jokubaitis (5).

referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Scar Perea and Martin Caballero. They fouled out Fabien Causeur and Roland Smits.

Incidents: Fourth game of the Endesa Basketball League final played at the Palacio de los Deportes (WiZink Center) in Madrid before 12,315 fans.

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