Sport e Salute launches its Tour 2022: 40 stages throughout Italy.  Sports practice in (slight) growth

From Turin (June 25) to Salerno (October 24), a small caravan will disembark in the different cities to become a sort of center of the village with the possibility of carrying out many activities. And a study attests that in 2022 occasional sports practitioners increased …

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A Tour2022 from one Italy to another. It is the latest initiative of Sport and Health, presented in a Foro Italico invaded by the beach volleyball World Cup. Forty stages starting from 25 June, the departure in Turin, and until 24 October, the closing day in Salerno. The key word is truck, a small caravan that will disembark in the various towns and will become a sort of center of the sports village where the local sports clubs will meet but also with the possibility of carrying out some activities. To baptize the initiative there were also some Legend of Sport and Health: Andrea Lucchetta, Massimiliano Rosolino, Manuela Di Centa and Valerio Vermiglio.

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“We want to give Italian cities a sporting shock – says Vito Cozzoli, CEO of Sport and Health – Not only to tell, but to listen. We want to get closer to people, to respond to the Italians'” hunger “for sport”. In this regard, Cozzoli anticipated the results of a study on sporting practice carried out in 2022, therefore to sports activities and venues all reopened (those that resisted the pandemic, of course). “There is a small but significant sign, an increase in casual sports practitioners and a slight decrease in sedentary sports”. That’s 33.7 percent. For the rest, the trends are those already photographed: the “online” sporting activity, daughter of the lockdown times, is decreasing, that in unconventional outdoor spaces is growing, while indoor places are struggling. Now we are waiting for the publication of the whole investigation to get more information. In recent weeks, the first post (or almost post) pandemic Istat data had been published, showing a substantial stability in adult sports with a collapse of those under 18 (especially among younger children).


Cozzoli also promised a commitment in a short time to solve the problem of sport climbing, the newly formed federation (it was an associated discipline) which is waiting for the recognition in economic terms of the new status, which obviously entails greater contributions. The decision should be made by the new board of directors of Sport and Health which will take office in the coming days with the appointment of Roberto Farnè (by the Ministry of Education) and Valeria Bonifacino (indicated by the Ministry of Health) in place of Simona Cassarà and Francesco Landi. To ask for Landi’s confirmation, federations and promotional bodies had moved, recalling the commitment in recent years of the “Gemelli” primary with a passion for running. But there was nothing to be done. Pity.

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