Melvyn Richardson after Barcelona's Champions League win: 'A great team win'

Mevlyn Richardson (Barcelona right-back, Champions League winner) : “Before arriving in Cologne, Ludovic (Fabregas) told me that he had a dream that we were winning the Champions League… As it is often where it is needed for rebounds on shots, I say that he’s from the future, so he knows what’s going on! And he did the same for the Olympic Games (in 2021), he told me he had a dream too… He told me that before Cologne, and there he ends, he puts the goal of the victory (on penalties) so for him it’s a great story.

“Of course, there is pressure, but it’s good pressure, we play for these kinds of moments, we play to live it and to live it, it’s exceptional. »

The two best teams of this year clashed, we could only play this kind of match. Going to penalties was huge, really stressful. But I took a lot of pleasure because even if we are there to provide entertainment, we also see it in the stands and it was huge to experience that. When you get to penalties, it comes down to small details, and I said to myself “let’s go, let’s try, if it fits, it fits” but it’s back. Of course, there is pressure, but it’s good pressure, we play for these kinds of moments, we play to live it and to live it, it’s exceptional.

I take what I have to take, and I’m lucky to be able to be part of this team, to be able to experience this event and find myself on the field. I said to myself, come on, I’m giving my all, I’m giving everything, and if it doesn’t pass, we’ll work more. I took the opportunity, I gave it my all and the team helped me a lot, supported me a lot. It was a great team victory. »

Ludovic Fabregas (pivot of Barcelona, ​​author of the shot on goal of the victory): “It’s an incredible moment. Gonzalo (Perez de Vargas, goalkeeper) had made a save (on the shot on goal by Alex Dujshebaev). Suddenly, I arrived a little more relaxed, I had the possibility of missing it, but I knew that putting it on made us European champions. I’m also assuming that, as I’ve never taken a penalty, Wolff (the Kielce goalkeeper) doesn’t necessarily know what I’m going to do. I saw that he was going quite quickly on his right side, that’s why I shot on his left. I thought a lot about my relatives who couldn’t come, my wife, my son. I’m super happy to score this goal which gives us a second Champions League in a row, the eleventh. We did not deflate, we had success, Dika (Mem) and Gomez see their ball hijacked (but who enter all the same)… Write one more line on the Barça list, a second of in a row, it’s magnificent, incredible! »

Timothey N’Guessan (Barcelona full-back): “If I had to dream of winning a final, that’s how it is! With the last goal of Ludovic (Fabregas). Wonderful ! It was tough this season. Personally, there have been repeated injuries. I cried, I was happy, I screamed. Now I am very happy, content. It’s historic. It was played for nothing, it can turn both ways. We didn’t give up, we believed in it. Penalties are very mental. At the end of each season, Final Four or not, there is a pressure backpack that falls, a very heavy hiking bag and then it breaks. I feel my body giving up. »

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