Maldini, the signature is close.  Then Milan will buy to stay on top

There is an agreement with Cardinal, the last details are missing. Market: Sanches has given his word to the Rossoneri, but now PSG breaks in

And now it’s Milan. The phone is hot, like the days that are about to arrive and to mark a turning point in the near future of the Devil: from one end of the world to the other the contact is constant and soon it could lead to that white smoke that the Rossoneri are waiting for practically from. the day after the celebrations for the 19th championship won less than a month ago. The axis is the one immortalized by the photos at Casa Milan on the day of the signing of RedBird, the new owner in pectore of the club: on the one hand Gerry Cardinale, great head of the company he founded in 2014, which by September will take over Milan from Elliott, from another Paolo Maldini, director of the Rossoneri technical area with a contract expiring in about ten days. Here, right on the wire, or maybe a little earlier, let’s say a week, the renewal of the dt and that of the ds Ricky Massara – also expiring next 30 June – will become reality: the machine of the market of the Italian champions, which until now has moved under the radar, will begin to grind kilometers to build an even more competitive team, in Italy and in Europe.

The situation

The spark between Cardinal and Maldini started from the first meeting, as the RedBird supermanager recently said: “For me it was very important to do it (conquer Maldini, ed). In the end we spent three and a half hours together … it was fantastic “. That private conversation, which preceded the announcement of the signing between Elliott and RedBird, was followed by others, always behind the scenes, and the confrontation continued even when Cardinale returned to the United States. The dialogue has left both parties satisfied, and it is on this basis that we are approaching the definitive understanding: mutual knowledge and the exchange of ideas on the philosophy to be shared required in-depth analysis, with a particular focus on the ambitions to be maintained. high, on planning and on the centrality of sports management. Now we are close to the synthesis: once the final aspects of a strategic nature have been defined on which the dt and the new owner are discussing (“today Milan with a high-level strategic vision can go on to compete next year with the biggest ones”, the Maldini’s words in the interview with the Gazzetta), the two architects of the transfer market that led to the Scudetto will extend their contracts with Milan.

And it will be like pressing the “on” button in the market spotlight. Because, if it is true that in via Aldo Rossi in recent days nothing has ever stopped, the negotiations carried out by the managers of the technical-sporting area remained on stand-by waiting for the general picture to be brought into focus. A matter of project, and logically also of budget: “With two or three important purchases and the consolidation of the players we have, we can compete for something bigger in the Champions League”, explained Maldini always to the Gazzetta, and the market movements so far have they are oriented in this direction. From Botman to De Ketelaere, from Origi to Lang up to Renato Sanches, the successor designated to take Kessie’s place in the heart of Pioli’s median who has now ended up in the PSG’s sights. The new ds of the Parisians is that Luis Campos in 2019 had brought Sanches to Lille, and the PSG wallet allows him to put on the plate a figure higher than the 15 million with which Milan plans to close (the first rumors speak of 30 million): the player gave his word to the Rossoneri, but in via Aldo Rossi they learned of the possible inclusion of PSG and the feeling is that the deal can get complicated at best. Never as in this case, the example helps to understand how the acceleration for the renewals of Maldini and Massara can give the decisive push to get the Italian champions’ market off the ground. While waiting for the next moves, the first reinforcement has already been defined and is about to land in the Rossoneri: for Origi, who freed himself from Liverpool after six seasons full of successes but lacking in space as a protagonist, it was enough to find an agreement with the player, who will be in Milan this week for medical examinations and will sign a four-year contract. Then it will be up to the redemptions to be completed, see Florenzi and Messias, whose outright purchases will be re-discussed and recalibrated in order to close by the end of the month (while the renewals of the big names are being dealt with, Leao in the lead). So, below with the highlights: Milan need quality on the center-right of the trocar and the names in the notebook of Maldini and Massara are those of De Ketelaere and Zaniolo, with the Belgian closest to the figures that can be invested. In defense, work continues on the Botman track, with one certainty: if whoever stops is lost, the time has come to start running.

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