Lazio, how many doubts about the goalkeeper: Maximiano emerges for the post Strakosha

The Portuguese is owned by the Granada. Meanwhile, the Italians Carnesecchi and Vicario are also followed, the latter still on the market despite being redeemed by Empoli

Between two parties, the third gains? This is what could happen for the new Lazio goalkeeper. In pole position, for the succession to Strakosha, there are always the Italians Carnesecchi and Vicario. But a third hypothesis emerges from abroad which could take precedence over the other two. He is in fact becoming more and more consistent the track that leads to the twenty-three year old Portuguese Luis Maximiano, owned by Granada, with whom he played in the last Spanish championship (relegating from La Liga to the second division).


For now Maximiano is still an outsider, but in Formello they are following this hypothesis with great interest. The Portuguese goalkeeper is in fact highly regarded among professionals and for this reason he has a rather high valuation (between 15 and 20 million euros). The relegation to B of his team, however, can favor a sale at lower prices and can also facilitate the formula of the loan with the right of redemption. Roads that would allow Lazio to invest smaller sums and still find an important player in the team. On which Sarri himself seems to have expressed a favorable opinion. With Granada and the goalkeeper’s entourage at the moment there were only informal contacts. We are still in the polling phase. However, they are destined to continue and could soon lead to something more concrete.

Carnesecchi and Vicar

In any case, everything depends on the development of negotiations for Carnesecchi and Vicario. The first seemed to be one step away, but then his injury, resulting in a shoulder operation, blocked everything. The dialogue with Atalanta continues, but the distances are still considerable (15 million the request, between 8 and 10 the offer), also because the Bergamo club does not intend to grant discounts despite the injury that will force the player to stay still. at least 3-4 months. Also for Vicario, however, the evaluation given by Empoli (about fifteen million in this case too, the club redeemed him in the last hours for 8 from Cagliari) is judged too high by Lazio. That’s why the chances that Maximiano will override the other two and become Lazio’s new goalkeeper grow by the hour.

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