French back-runners well launched at the Budapest Worlds

“It really gives us strength, we want to do like him. Afterwards I think I have a little less margin than him to go and win close to the world record. We are going to try to get a medal, already that would be good”insists the 21-year-old from Annecy, who achieved the 4th time in the 100m backstroke series in 53”22 and will play his place in the final, this Sunday evening, in the semi-finals where the other Frenchman, Mewen Tomac will advance with the 8th fastest time in the series (53”60), achieved in the water line next to Ndoye-Brouard. “We used to swim together huh, the latter having fun. I think we will still be close in the 50m backstroke and the 200m backstroke. Why go to Budapest to swim like we do in France. But it’s not big deal ! It pulls us up. »

More retiring, Tomac remembered above all that his first dive had “pretty well”. “I was a little apprehensive about the race because the first one at the Worlds is always a bit special, admitted the 20-year-old Amiens, preferring to observe the sensations felt. It’s more in swimming that I’m happy with myself, I hope to swim a little faster. »

“First race in a World Championship, it’s crazy, it’s impressive but it’s also fun. I liked being there too much. »

Emma Terebo, 6th time in the heats in the 100m backstroke

Before the boys, it was their female counterparts who had discovered the Duna Arena pool, at the same time as their first World Championships in the long pool. An inaugural outing that Emma Terebo tackled nicely, with a 100m backstroke in 59”87, barely slower than her personal best (59”64), and which places her in 6th place in the morning lap times. “I felt on top for one morning, I’m happy with the weather, she confided. It was the goal to swim less than a minute. First race in a World Championship, it’s crazy, it’s impressive but it’s also fun. I liked being there too much. »

As for Analia Pigrée, she just passed the cut to compete in the semi-finals (1’1”13, 16th time): “It’s happening, that’s the main thing. I am far from my best. I will do my best but, for the moment, it is complicated the 100 m (back) on this second part of the season. The last 25m, it sucks all the time compared to last year. With my trainer (Philippe Schweitzer, in Font-Romeu), we had decided that we were going to work on it in September instead. I try to have fun. »

“A mixture of emotions” for Pothain

If the young Adèle Blanchetière in the 100m breaststroke (1’9”68) and, above all, the French champion in the 200m, Hadrien Salvan (1’47”71), fell by the wayside, Jordan Pothain, who competing in the last competition of his career, will treat himself to a little extra swim, the last to qualify for the half of the 200m (1’47”51).

“It’s a good surprise for the place, I’m really happy, he reacted. I told myself that I had to give my best and see where it would take me in the rankings. Good, 16th place, I take for a 2nd lap and have even more fun. Afterwards, the weather is not great when you see the world level. But it’s a mix of emotions, it’s a bit difficult to manage but it’s really the pleasure that leads the dance. I tried to tell myself that this race could be the last. And then, no, there is one more! »

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