Doping: "Terrible" suspicions about Pogacar

While her son dominates cycling, Tadej Pogacar’s mother finds it hard to hear suspicions of doping against him.

Is Tadej Pogacar doped? The question arises, because it frequently accompanies riders who have the misfortune to perform a little too impressively, as is the case of the Slovenian. But for the mother of the Komenda prodigy, these are accusations that are difficult to hear.

“Tadej will never take a prohibited product”

“That people doubt your child, it’s terrible, deplores Marjeta Pogacar in a report by the JDD. We raised him honestly. Doping is the opposite of our education. I’m sure Tadej will never take a banned product. »

The mother of the Slovenian prodigy also says that her son was made aware of the issue of doping at a very young age. She remembers in particular an episode where a still very green Pogacar wanted to buy a drug. “He said to me: ‘Ask the pharmacist if the product is authorized’. She answered me laughing that he was going to reach new heights. » Pogacar even almost changed sports at the age of 15. “Because of doping. At the time, we still talked about it a lot, remembers his mother.

“It’s normal to doubt Pogacar”

During the Tour de France 2021, where Pogacar had triumphed for the second year in a row by crushing the competition, many voices had expressed doubts about the performance of the Slovenian. Like the former yellow jersey Stéphane Heulot. “It’s totally normal to doubt Pogacar and the others, had entrusted the Frenchman. Before him, some wanted to believe in Lance Armstrong or Bjarne Riis. The suspicion is general and it is deserved. All team bosses must be paranoid and say to themselves: ‘What proves to me that so and so is clean?’ I am logically challenged when I see Pogacar’s performance. We are all influenced by the past. »

Former coach of the Festina, Antoine Vayer now has a certain obsession with chasing away potential cheaters. He sees commonalities between the one he calls “Pogastrong” and a legendary cheater. “There are many points of convergence between Pogacar and Armstrong, points of similarity, in the way of pedaling, in his entourage, in his performance in the passes, with the same grin of non-fatigue, has also pointed the finger at the Mayenne. I’m not talking about doping, I’m using the inhuman nature of his performances because we can talk about a show more than a sport and there I have no doubts. »

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