Cannone eliminated from the start, Borel in the semis

Crowned Olympic champion to everyone’s surprise last summer in Tokyo, the swordsman Romain Cannone was eliminated as soon as he entered the European Championships in Antalya. Yannick Borel, on the other hand, qualified for the semi-finals.

The French fencing team’s counter remains stuck at four bronze medals at the European Championships in Antalya, Turkey. Swordsmen Eliott Bibi and Bolade Apithy and foil fencers Maximilien Chastanet and Ysaora Thibus have tasted the joys of the podium in recent days, but that will not be the case for Romain Cannone. The Tokyo Olympic champion, who had won gold to everyone’s surprise when he was unknown to the general public, after a dream day, was eliminated as soon as he entered the European championships. Exempted from the first round as the seed, the 25-year-old swordsman lost 15-11 against Belgium’s Neisser Loyola in the round of 16, after leading 6-2. A blow for the native of Boulogne-Billancourt, who was playing his first major competition there since his Olympic triumph.

Borel in half

It didn’t go any better for his compatriots Alex Fava and Alexandre Bardenet. Fava, winner 15-7 of the Swede Christopher Kelly in the first round then 15-9 of the Spaniard Gerard Gonell in the second, fell against the Dutchman Tristan Tulen in the round of 16 with the score of 15-11. Bardenet meanwhile disappeared from the start, against the German Marco Brinkmann, winner 15-12. On the other hand, the good news came from Yannick Borel, who qualified for the semi-finals. The 33-year-old 2018 world champion beat Ukrainian Volodymyr Stankevych 15-11, then Italian Federico Vismara 15-7, Dane Patrick Jorgensen 15-9, and finally Germany’s Richard Schmidt, world bronze medalist in 2017, 15-10. He will challenge the Swiss Max Heinzer, vice-champion of Europe 2015 and 2016, at 6:50 p.m.

Shaped sabers

On the women’s side, saber is on the program this Sunday, with four French women. First-round byes Malina Vongsavady, Caroline Queroli and Sara Balzer advanced to the round of 16 by defeating Bulgarian Yoana Ilieva 15-14, Azerbaijan’s Theodora Gkountoura 15-13 and Hungary’s Renata Katona 15 respectively. -2. Sarah Noutcha, meanwhile, passed the first round beating Turkey’s Fatma Kose 15-13.

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