World Cup, fast relay and De Tullio in the final, Ceccon records in the 50 butterfly

The 4X100 sl (Miressi, Ceccon, Zazzeri and Frigo) hit the final with the sixth time in 3’13 “13, but tonight we need to accelerate to get on the podium. But here are all the results

by our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli

The Budapest World Championships kicked off with two finals taken by Italy (Miressi’s fast relay, Marco De Tullio’s 400 sl), three semifinals (Elena Di Liddo in the 100 butterfly, Nicolò Martinenghi in the 100 breaststroke and Thomas Ceccon in the 50 butterfly with Italian record). The first Azzurri to go into the water are Lorenzo Galossi and Marco De Tullio: the sixteen year old Roman starts shot in the head in the first two hundred meters, then touches in 3’47 “19, sixth time and twelfth overall, while the twenty-one year old from Bari takes the thrill his second world final in the 400 sl, hitting in 3’46 “47 behind the German Lukas Martens, author of the fourth overall time in 3’45” 04. The Apulian eliminates by 10 cents the Olympian from Rio, the Australian Mack Horton Says De Tullio: “It’s not the best way to start. In the end, the goal was to hit the final. I struggled this morning, maybe it’s early, a bit of anxiety, pressure, but I had to get into the final because my parents are behind here. They had already bought the tickets and I had to do it by force. This afternoon will be another race. Anything can happen in the final. Lorenzo had a good race, courageous, it’s all experience “. In the first three places the Austrian Felix Auboeck in 3’43” 83, followed by the Australian Winnington, 3’44 “42, and the Brazilian Costa 3’44 “52. Too bad for Galossi, who swam in Riccione in 3’45 “and would have easily entered the final with the staff. But it was his first important international competition. A pledge to the novitiate. The sixteen year old will say:” The sensations were good in the first 200 meters , I felt good, and I tried right away. Maybe I took a bit of a gamble, I am embittered because I could have made a final in my first world championship. I’m having fun. I found a nice environment with the boys. Lamberti and I are freshmen and they beat us up a bit… I’m proud to be here to represent my country despite the fact that the race did not go well. I would have expected better. It is experience and I hope to do many other championships like these. “In the 400 sl squad, Katie Ledecky books the fourth title out of 5 editions: it is already under 4 minutes.


The blue 4×100 sl takes the final with the sixth time in 3’13 “13: the Olympic runners Miressi, Ceccon, Zazzeri and Frigo will have to accelerate tonight to get back on the podium with the USA and Australia, while the Hungarians, the English and the Canadians are threatening. Frigo: “We knew it was difficult, Thomas took it a bit slow, he left me a task to recover. I didn’t swim to the maximum and the afternoon will be tough, but we will try to do the best we can. “In short, as Zazzeri adds,” it will be a tough final “. Ceccon admits:” I wanted a quiet one hundred to not get tired “and Miressi is” happy of the morning performance “.


Elena Di Liddo is ninth in the heats of the 100 butterfly in 57 “97: for the Apulian a time trial that can certainly be improved in view of tonight’s semifinals. Elena was fourth three years ago in Gwangju: returning to the final would be a great satisfaction for the butterfly. ‘Italy. Says the Apulian: “I wanted to go back to swimming under 58”, more than anything else without overdoing it or going to tear too much. to give. It was what I wanted, the semi-final. We are there. It’s a matter of tenths. I have been in the national team for 12 years and it is the most cohesive and united group, which makes up a team. We have made an individual sport into a team sport. .. “.


Thomas Ceccon in 22 “88 crushes the Italian record of 50 butterfly, breaking down the Italian wall of 23” and swimming the same time trial as the two world champion, the American Caeleb Dressel. The previous limit belonged to Piero Codia in 23 “21 from the 2013 Barcelona World Cup, while Ceccon’s staff was 23” 22 in 2020. Codia will have to return to the water for the play-off with the Polish Attila Czerniak, having the 16th time trial in 22 “53. The man from Vicenza in 2001 trained in Verona by Alberto Burlina tells us:” I didn’t expect this time, I had always done 23 “2, I must have done it 5-6 times. I finally manage to do a well-done race, in good shape, at the World Championships. I expected to do 23 “0 or 23” 1, but 22 “8 is really… I won’t do it again I think. I’m happy. Today I have 4 rounds of competition. Unfortunately in the 4×100 style Leonardo (Deplano) is missing for the positivity at Covid, and therefore I’ll have to do it myself. Then semifinal 50 dolphin and final 4×100. I do a lot of races, I’m not worried. But it was a very difficult year this year, I took Covid, at the beginning of the season there was the ISL, so a somewhat difficult year for everyone. With so many competitions I am not as trained as I was trained at the Olympics. We have to do it and we do it. I learned to be in the world of adults “.


Nicolò Martinenghi is fourth in the batteries of the 100 breaststroke in 59 “06: he does not want to” tear “, waste too much energy and starts from behind to mix up in a Europe-USA confrontation, the British Adam Peaty absent: the Dutch Arno Kamminga is the most fast in 58 “69, then the two Americans Nic Fink (58” 81) and Michael Andrew 58 “96. It will be a creepy frog. Too bad for Alberto Razzetti, one who at the top travels in the 400 medley in 4’09 “but who comes out first of the unskilled in 4’13” 72 (he ventured a dolphin in 55 “62, then backstroke at 1’07” 03 , and breaststroke at 1’11 “45): he would have had to swim like the Australian Brendon Smith to enter the magnificent 8 in 4’12” 50, after all this was his third race. Leading is the Frenchman Leon Marchand, trained in Phoenix by Bob Bowman in 4’09 “09 on the American couple Foster (4’09” 60) and Chase Kalisz (4’10 “32) who grew up in the shadow of Phelps. Semifinals and finals from 6pm on Rai 2. Finally, in the play-off to enter the semifinals of the 50 butterfly, Piero Codia gives two cents to the Polish Konrad Czerniak (23 “38):” I missed the arrival “.

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