Valentino Rossi: "Lorenzo the funniest. Marquez? Without him in 2015 ..."

In an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe, the nine-time world champion recalls his relationship with his opponents: “Jorge and I like two lovers. How beautiful are the challenges with Biaggi.” On the withdrawal: “I was afraid to leave, but now …”

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For Valentino Rossi, time has been an adventure companion in the world championship. The Italian made him a friend of him in the form of a time trial in the years of domination in MotoGP and tried to deceive him for as long as possible before retiring. Over the years, some relationships have mended, as happened with Max Biaggi and Jorge Lorenzo. But not even time seems to have healed the wound of 2015, the season of the war with Marc Marquez, as Rossi himself admitted in an interview with the French newspaper. L’Equipe.

enemies and friends

Valentino’s thoughts go back to Sepang and Valencia, the last races that cost him the 2015 MotoGP title after the sparks on and off the track with his Spanish rival: “If Marquez hadn’t behaved badly, I could have fought for the title until in the last match against Lorenzo. I was 36 years old. Starting from the following season it became more complicated to win, even if I felt I could do it ”. Different speech for the relationship with Lorenzo and Biaggi himself. Sports enemies hated first, then esteemed opponents: “During the first part of my career I liked to challenge Max. Sometimes he beat me in the race, but in the championship I have always finished in front. With Jorge, on the other hand, it was different because at times he won and at other times I won. I left Yamaha because of him and when I got back he was still there ”. Rossi jokes: “Lorenzo and I liked each other, we got angry and made up … We were a couple of rather fiery lovers. Yes, he was the opponent I had the most fun with ”.


The retirement from MotoGP in Valencia in 2021 is a photo in the memory album, admired with a hint of melancholy, but without regrets: “MotoGP has been my life, my mission. If I could have fought for the win, I would not have stopped. I was afraid of retirement, the end of my career, I was sad when I decided to leave. I was afraid of my last Grand Prix. But in the end I stopped in the best way possible. I did not imagine such a party “. Also because the birth of the first-born Giulietta and the career with four wheels in the GT World Challenge Europe are turning out to be pleasant surprises in this 2022 to the point of making Valentino admit: “Now my life is better than I imagined”.


And what will the future hold for the nine-time world champion in the world championship? Rossi looks forward with ambition: “Racing with cars is a different experience. The perception of danger also changes. But I don’t give up training with the riders of the VR46 Academy at the Ranch, in motocross or on the Misano circuit. I have a specific program, I have several projects “. And the nine-time world champion in the world championship admits: “I would like to do the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the future”. All that remains is to wait …

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