Totti: "With Matic, Frattesi and Celik, competitive Rome to return to the Champions League"

The eternal Giallorossi captain: “To win you need champions. My statements about Dybala? I have the opportunity to look everyone in the face, always telling the truth”

Francis Totti spoke on the sidelines of a Padel event in Rome to the microphones of Sky Sports. Below are his statements regarding the yellow and red market but not only.

Did you expect Lukaku to return to Inter on loan after just one year?

“No, I thought he could go to another club. I think if he wanted to return to Inter it is because he wants to win again. He moves a lot in Italy, physically it’s embarrassing. Inzaghi will be happy, even if it is not yet clear what he will be the attack tandem “.

“We are talking about top clubs, the players have the possibility to go wherever they want, and he made this choice. City will fight to win the Champions League.”

Mbappé once in Monte Carlo asked you for a photo. A comment on choosing him?

“It is a choice from the heart, even if we are talking about PSG and an exorbitant amount. It must be managed and protected like the great champions, it could not have been better than PSG.”

Did you hear from Ancelotti after the fourteenth Champions League? A comment on Benzema?

“His golden ball would be more than deserved. I haven’t heard from Ancelotti but now I congratulate him.”

Comment on Matic? For you, is he someone who has the quality and the freshness to become the director of Mourinho?

“If Mourinho chose him it is because he can be flexible in the team. He has already proved his worth. You need the right mentality and he has all the credentials to prove it.”

Can purchases like Matic, Celik and Frattesi bring Roma closer to fighting for the Champions League? How long would it take to bring the big names closer together?

“To get results you need great players. These three players you mentioned will make Roma more competitive to return to the Champions League first. To win you need champions as I have always said.”

A few days ago you released a comment about Dybala to our microphones. Do you think your sincerity is appreciated or is it something that may have been limiting in your career?

“I have the opportunity to look everyone in the face by always telling the truth.”

If you were Ibra, would you fight another year?

“I would think to throw in the towel if it were up to me, after 8 months of recovery. But his choice certainly won’t be wrong.”

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