The Algerian Federation of Pharmaceuticals calls for the regulation of the market for nutritional supplements

The head of the Algerian Federation of Pharmaceuticals, Professor Abdelhakim Boudis, called for the necessity of enacting laws to manage and regulate the nutritional supplement market, which has witnessed a significant expansion in recent years. On the sidelines of the National Forum on Nutritional Supplements, Professor Baudis stressed that these substances, which have been widely consumed in recent years, are completely different from medicines, and today they are at a crossroads due to the subordination of their management to three or four ministries that do not have precise and clear laws to regulate their uses, which calls for redress This deficiency. On the other hand, he pointed out the need to give importance to these types of substances that are currently subject to management by the Ministry of Commerce only, but are sold in pharmacies, although they are not subject to the same laws governing other pharmaceutical materials and the enactment of prominent laws for these nutritional supplements – according to the same official – protects With the participation of most of the actors in this scientific meeting, it will help define the tasks of each sector and develop a guide that differentiates between its uses and the description of medicines directed to treat various diseases and with regard to some essential oils and herbs that are sold in some stores that have known a wide spread, especially during the outbreak of the virus Corona Baudis said that about 4,000 sellers and producers of these substances have been counted, stressing that the issue at present is not specifying exactly their benefits on the health of the individual and who takes this responsibility. Trading.In view of the pressure experienced by some types of drugs directed at the treatment of Covid-19 at the global level and the advice directed to address the virus by taking some vitamins and tonics, some drug producers have turned to investing in the production of vitamins (C) and tonics (zinc) in search of quick profit without instructions to the citizen and respect for their components . It is expected that this meeting will culminate, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, with a guide in the form of recommendations that may help the actors in the field to give impetus to the regulation of the food supplement market in Algeria. Since 2012 only, and today its management is also subject to the Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry, where a working group is studying it under the supervision of the first ministry. Several workshops have been taken care of between monitoring in the field and analysis by each ministry by its own means regarding the first stage to take care of this file Draft enactment of laws regarding technical aspects It is sponsored by three ministries and texts framed by the concerned authorities in the field of manufacturing, import, distribution and marketing, describing this process as complex and complex, which cannot be conducted in a simple way without an organized legal framework. It is a big issue in its uses that confuse therapeutic and complementary ones.

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