The 10 best stealth games, from Splinter Cell to Metal Gear Solid

An often underestimated genre, stealth games have left their mark on the gaming world: here we celebrate the best of the best.

Stealth games they never became as popular as they should be. Today, pure stealth games are relegated to the shadows, but stealth mechanics still appear in every other genre. You can crawl behind cowboys in Red Dead Redemption 2, and even Link likes to hit bokoblins while they sleep in Breath of the Wild. Rather than becoming a popular genre, the sneaky game is a popular mechanic.

Stealth games: the top 10 –

Still, there are many great stealth games out there. As a genre, it is one of the most consistent. Sure, a few missteps happen every now and then, but the best of the best is more often than not a timeless classic. This makes it difficult to make a list of just ten items, but we’ll do it anyway. So we hide the bodies of those who didn’t make it in some nearby dumpster and crawl into the ventilation duct of the best video games.

10. Alien: Isolation –

A game of Alien where the xenomorph it’s not just meat for an assault rifle – Alien: Isolation captures the terror of the original film. You are stalked by an advanced life form, a perfect organism. Invincible and lethal, it can pop up behind you at any time, passing through any fan or any door. Hide under tables, throw lures and run like cowards in one of the best horror films ever made.

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9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided –

If you like a little more power fantasy in your stealth games, here it is. Take on the role of Adam Jensen, a cyber-enhanced security specialist and secret agent, as breaks a global conspiracy and people’s necks. From deductible blades to sunglasses that allow you to see through walls, Jensen is more of a Swiss Army knife than the protagonist of a stealth game.

8. Invisible, Inc –

Unlike the first two games on this list, Invisible, Inc doesn’t have a first-person perspective. With a bird’s nest view, players control a team of agents as they attempt to steal enough equipment to stage the perfect heist. The action is turn-based, and you are forced to move and react to patterns of the guards, and always try to predict their moves. Turn-based strategy has never been like this full of tension.

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7. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory –

The only Splinter Cell to have managed to strike the right balance, Chaos Theory is close to being the perfect stealth game. Enemies are lethal, and you are forced to move carefully and plan your moves carefully. The voyeurism is engaging, the level design is varied and exciting, and the stealth knockdowns have a great feel. Each impact has a real weight, and you will notice it if you really want to take action.

6. The Last of Us Part II –

The stealth in The Last of Us was quite skeletal, demanding to use body-height covers to pop out behind enemies and strangle them. The sequel is a quantum leap in significant ways, the most obvious being the ability to stoop. There is also a middle state between being hidden and being discovered, which makes cat and mouse play even more tense. Hiding under cars, crawling in long grass, distracting sniffing dogs – The Last of Us Part II is a much better stealth game than people want to admit.

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5. Hitman 3 –

Let’s face it, all Hitmans deserve a spot on this list. Hitman 3 is just the newest one. What makes these games so special is the stealth methodology, who prefers disguises in sunlight to shade or occlusion. The sheer amount of creativity on display in these games is impressive, from the ways to assassinate someone to the levels and costumes you can wear.

4. Metal Gear Solid –

An old man, but still one of the best. Metal Gear Solid for the first PlayStation is a timeless classic for a reason. It was for many the first introduction to stealth as a game mechanic, and what an introduction. Whether it’s spinning guards in circles with your footprints printed in the snow, displaying a laser grid with cigarette smoke, or hiding in cardboard, it’s infinitely creative.

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3. Thief: The Dark Project –

While Metal Gear Solid would likely win in a public vote, Thief has been far more influential on the genre as a whole. Where MGS has opted for the third person, Thief wanted you to forget you were playing. Looking through the protagonist’s eyes, you crawl into a steampunk world, pickpocketing to take home valuables in the process. You move through the shadows and listen, keeping your ears open for the whereabouts of the patrolling guards, doors that creak as they open, and lines of dialogue that might suggest a secret route to your next piece of loot.

2. Metal Gear Solid V –

He may have lost to Thief when it comes to influencing the industry, but Metal Gear Solid earns two places on this list. So far we’ve avoided putting two chapters of the same series on purpose – doesn’t seem fair – but Metal Gear Solid V is a beast completely different than the PS1 game. In an open environment, the game allows you to approach goals in any way you want. The controls are a dream, allowing you to dive and lie on the ground from almost any position and get on your stomach once on the ground. Then there’s that “last-chance” mechanic, where time slows down if you get caught, giving you a couple of seconds to take down the guard or shoot his radio so they can’t call for reinforcements.

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1. Dishonored 2 –

Choose between one of two supernatural killers and blast your way through parkour on the rooftops of a decadent fantasy world, stabbing aristocrats in the neck. Or maybe don’t. Even taking powers is a choice in Dishonored 2, a game you can complete without anyone even noticing you’ve ever been there. Every single one of this masterpiece is filled with secrets to discover, alternative paths to find, and new ways to complete your goals.

Written by Kirk McKeand for GLHF

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