Sibilio, super return to 400. Bruni and Fantini record in the auction and in the hammer

The Neapolitan, with 45 ”08, is the second Italian ever, Roberta flies at 4.71, Sara launches at 75.77. The 17-year-old Furlani takes Howe from the under 18 record of the long after 21 years: 7.87

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On a Saturday with many Italian exploits, colored by the Italian records of Roberta Bruni in the auction (4.71) and Sara Fantini in the hammer (75.77), it is the surprise return of Alessandro Sibilio that leaves you speechless above all. The 23-year-old Neapolitan financier, on whose account, moreover, wonders have been whispered for months, had not competed since last September, that is for about forty days from 8th place in the Tokyo Olympic final in the 400 obstacles. Gianpaolo Ciappa’s pupil, having cleared up the rectus femoral injury that delayed his seasonal debut for a couple of months, returns to the almost unprecedented flat distance for him in Nocera Inferiore (Salerno) and flies in 45 “08 , second Italian all-time performance behind Davide Re’s record 44 “77. The time trial, with a personal improvement of 1” 05, is also worth the second European seasonal performance behind the formidable 44 “35 of the British Matthew Hdson-Smith. The prospects for obstacles, at this point, can only be rosy.

Super Roberta

It was in the air, but no less prestigious for this: in the Barletta of Pietro Mennea (race in the square) the Italian record of the women’s auction also falls. The author is – of course, given the latest results – Roberta Bruni who, with 4.71 (on the third attempt) increases her national limit by one centimeter (Rieti, 23 May 2021) and hits the standard for Eugene’s World Cup (4.70) . She then vain the tests at 4.82. The 28-year-old Roman carabiniera thus rose to third place in the season and first European. Mouth-watering.

Great Sara

Not even Sara Fantini ceases to amaze: the 24-year-old from Faenza, at the Madrid meeting, Silver stage of the Continental Tour, improves her Italian leadership of the hammer twice. Up to 75.77, fifth seasonal world performance and second European, with a prestigious victory included. On May 28, in Lucca, 74.38, Ester Balassini’s record exceeded after 17 years. On June 8 in Trnava, Slovakia, 74.86. Then the Spanish double shot: 75.76 on the first attempt, 75.77 on the sixth and last. The roster of the daughter of art, another carabiniera, opens up splendid prospects. In the same area Chituru Ali is doing very well, third in the 100 with a personal of 10 “15 (+0.2), ninth ever in Italy, Marco Fassinotti, second in the top with 2.26 (the same size as the winner, the Australian Brandon Stark ), Elisa Di Lazzaro, third in the 100 hurdles with 13 ”00 (-1.2) and Ottavia Cestonaro, 4th in the triple with a personal of 14.22 (+1.7), seventh all-time Italian. Also in the race Simone Barontini (5th in the 800 in 1’48 “86), Hassane Fofana (4th in the 110 hs / -1.2), Max Mandusic (5th in the auction with 5.50), Martina Merlo (retreat in the 3000 steeplechase ) and Dariya Derkach (seventh in the triple with 13.83 / + 1.0).

In Paris

An evening like this, at least in a tricolor key, almost overshadows the seventh stage of the Diamond League staged in Paris, at the Charlety stadium. The acute, in closing, is of the infinite Shelly-Ann Fraser who, with 10 ”67, equals her best world performance on the 100 (Nairobi, 7 May). The best world result in 2022 instead brings the signatures of Winfred Yavi, standard bearer from Bahrain, with 8’56 ”55 in the 3000 hedges of Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahuchikh with 2.01 in the top. The South African Luxolo Adams with 19 “82 (+0.6) in the 200, the American Devon Allen with 13” 16 in the 110 hs (-0.2), the Cuban Jordan Diaz with 17.66 (-1.4) in the triple, one centimeter better of the “Roman” compatriot Andy Diaz, staff (-0.8), the Polish Wojcieck Nowicki with 81.25 in the hammer (Diamond League primacy) and the American Valerie Allman with 68.68 in the disk (with 68.19 of the Croatian revived Sandra Perkovic, definitively returned to the vertices) . There are also two continental records: the oceanic one of the 800, with the Asutralian Peter Bol, second in 1’44 “00 behind the French Benjamin Robert (1’43” 75), then disqualified, and the African one of the 100 obstacles, with the Tobi Amusan from Nigeria, winner with 12 ”41 (-0.4). Here little glory for the Italians: Fausto Desalu is 6th in the 200 in 20 ”52 (+0.6), Yeman Crippa retires in the 5000 and Elena Vallortigara is eighth in the top (1.88).

Baby Furlani

Finally, Mattia Furlani flies to the Italian junior championships (under 18) currently taking place at the Milan Arena. The 17-year-old from Rieti confirms himself as a prodigy (he boasts 2.17 at the top) and, on the long runway, lands at 7.87 (+1.2 m / s). With an increase in personnel of 40 cm, after 21 years he improves the tricolor record of the category which, with 7.61, belonged to fellow citizen Andrew Howe. Botti also by the 16-year-old Eduardo Longobardi, Neapolitan-Roman who, after the 100 on Friday (10 “47 / -0.3), also makes his 200 (20” 98 / -0.2): in the Italian history of the category, only Filippo Tortu, with 10 “33 and 20” 92, he did better.

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