Ridin 'Smoke: the 2T party between jumps, curves and official riders on the track with the fans

The event dedicated to off-road mixed bikes lived its second edition at the Ciglione della Malpensa cross-circuit, with over 150 2-stroke lovers from all over Italy and all of Europe

Matteo Solinghi


Stark Varg will also represent the future, with the electric going to take a slice of the market in the off-road landscape, but the past teaches that history was written by the mixture motorcycles, whose metallic sound enters the head like a hit. in the summer and remains in the heart. Precisely to keep the love for mixture motorcycles burning, the Ciglione della Malpensa track – on the occasion of the second weekend of June – saw the second edition of Ridin ‘Smoke, the event dedicated to 2-stroke motorcycles.

Present and past

Still today the 2T lives both in Enduro and in Motocross: if on the one hand we have almost an unwritten rule according to which to do Extreme Enduro it is a must to use the 300 2T and several international riders use the 2T in the most important world competitions, on the other hand we remember that Nicholas Lapucci won the European Motocross EMX250 riding the Fantic XX 250 2T against an army of 4T. And then, both on the track and along the SS in the woods, the 125 is always and only on mixture. Past, therefore, but also present. The 80s that cross today’s times, carburettors side by side with modern injection systems, music, party, friends and lots of fun: all this put together in Ridin ‘Smoke.

ridin ‘smoke: the guests

From the modern 125 to the monstrous 500 2T of the time, the two days saw the participation of 150 riders from all over Italy and all of Europe, with the sole purpose of sharing a weekend of passion and sharing. In addition to the circuit fully prepared for the occasion with refreshment areas, relaxation areas and fun, there were numerous presences of professional drivers such as Kevin Cristino, Thomas Oldrati, Angelo Pellegrini, Rudy Moroni and Morgan Lesiardo, in addition to the participation of the official team Fantic. To these was added a large group of enthusiasts who were able to experience the track and the paddock side by side with their favorites. In fact, that way of experiencing motorcycling when there were no passes to enter the paddocks is back, making the riders men with wrists locked at 90 degrees, but basically passionate eager to share their passion. The event was made possible thanks to the meticulous work of Adelio Lorenzin who in two years laid the solid foundations for Ridin ‘Smoke to become the reference point for two-stroke motorcycles not only in Italy, but given the presence of foreign participants. , even in Europe.

Towards 2023

“The satisfaction for this edition is great, with unexpected numbers also given the very hot period – says Lorenzin – and I do not deny that I have already been contacted by numerous companies so that the event can grow further. The potential is high and I am already working on a 2023 edition in which you can always breathe the same atmosphere of passion, albeit with an even greater offer. Seeing people who have come from Germany, Switzerland or Sardinia is a source of great pride for me and for this reason I am already focused on a third edition that can bring together even more drivers and even more fans ”.

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