Psg, assault on Skriniar: a 7.7 million salary for the Inter block is ready

The French club must now convince the Nerazzurri. Rejected the first offer of 50 million, Marotta is stopped at the request of 80 million

To explain well what Milan Skriniar has become for the Inter world, it would be enough to take a tour on social media. In the last week, that is, since the official offer arrived at the Viale della Liberazione headquarters directly from the legal offices of the PSG, nothing else is talked about and on twitter the hashtag #SkriniarNonSiTocca has quickly become trendy. The starting point, however, cannot be overlooked: Inter need to close the next financial year by 80 million and the only possible way is to sacrifice at least one big player in the squad. An obligatory premise, because no one between the club and the technical staff would ever deprive himself of the Slovakian central unit, considered a pivot of the present and the future. But then you have to deal with reality and with the laws of the market.


Inter did not decide to sacrifice Skriniar, simply on “Skrigno” – as the fans call it – the pressure of one of the most important and (economically) powerful clubs in Europe fell. So Inter can’t help but listen, above all because the proposal made to the player is one of those totally out of the market for Serie A, not just for the Nerazzurri club. PSG, in fact, would be ready to guarantee Skriniar a five-year contract worth 7.7 million net per season, more than double what he perceives today. And it is true that between Inter and the player there was a renewal promise to be discussed and adjusted precisely in the summer, but in the face of such a proposal, there is no possibility of relaunching. The Parisian club has also taken the first step with Inter, but the 50 million offered at the moment are not enough. It is difficult to think that PSG does not try at least one raise, especially after making the player understand that there is a strong interest in bringing him under the Eiffel Tower.


Of course, the player’s will must also be considered and Skriniar never said he wanted to leave Milan, nor has he ever had an attitude of dissatisfaction or stomach ache. An exemplary professional, always. Which puts work and sacrifice above everything. His bond with Inter is very solid, so from this point of view the fans and clubs are calm. But then there are the club accounts to keep an eye on and the budgetary needs to be met. Zhang was clear on the goal to be achieved and so here is that the advance of PSG on Skriniar could become a real opportunity to let the club’s coffers breathe, without having to increase the number of important transfers. There is an unwritten law in football, which however helps to understand certain parameters of costs: the salary that is guaranteed to a player is almost always close to ten percent of the cost of his card. The operation is therefore easy: if the PSG has offered Skriniar a salary of over seven million, it means that he is ready to go up to 70 million for his price tag. And in the face of such a proposal, Inter’s request for 80 million would also falter.


Well, at the moment this thrust with Inter was not there, also because in Paris I am still looking for the new manager and at the moment – of course – this is the priority of Al Khelaifi’s club. But the squad has rather clear needs and the central defender is an urgent necessity. On the notebook of the new ds Campos there is therefore not only the name of Skriniar, but the list of possible purchases is made up of at least three or four names. That of the Inter defender, however, seems to be the profile, for several reasons. Meanwhile, age, compared to international experience. Skriniar is 27 years old, is in full competitive maturity and in the last two seasons has made a monstrous leap forward in terms of performance. This year he played the Champions League for the fourth consecutive season, proving by now that he is ready to compete with the best strikers in the world. And in the last season he challenged the strikers who competed in the last Champions League, making a good impression both against Real Madrid in the group stage and against Liverpool in the round of 16, with Inter having managed to keep the goal unbeaten at Anfield. Performance that evidently also appreciated in Paris, now it is necessary to understand to what extent.


In Milan, meanwhile, everyone is hoping that the relaunch will not arrive. For Inzaghi, Skriniar remains the true untouchable of the three defensive tenors, the only truly irreplaceable one, as evidenced by the very little turnover granted to the Slovak. He could vote, even Simone would follow the slogan of “do not touch”: it remains a hope, difficult to cultivate for a long time. If the PSG decides to approach 70 million, it would no longer find obstacles on the way to Skriniar. And perhaps, faced with such a figure, even the fans who would like him as the new captain could try to understand: nobody would like to “touch” Skrigno, but with the sacrifice of him it would be easier to stay still at the top.

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