Milan-Bologna is a total confrontation.  The Fip opens an investigation into Zanetti

Tonight at the Forum the new Olimpia match-ball. Accusations to the referees: the federation investigates the patron of Virtus

After the first four matches that had raised some hidden complaints for some episodes at the limit of the regulation, the referees case of the Scudetto series between Milan and Virtus exploded on Thursday evening at the end of the fifth game due to the statements of Massimo Zanetti, owner of the Bologna club . “It is time to stop with the psychological subjection of the referees towards Milan and Messina” was the frontal attack of Mister Segafredo, to ignite a harsh controversy that announces a game-6 inside a hot Forum. Also tonight (20.30; TV Eurosport 2 and Rai Sport), as in race-3 and race-4, 12,300 seats are expected to run out to push Milan to take advantage of the second match point.


Yesterday, Olimpia’s reply to the unequivocal words of Zanetti was not long in coming out while coach Messina, in the after game-5 had underlined that “there were two different refereeing meters. One of their players came out insulting the referees, one of us instead it was sanctioned “. “Having taken note of the post-match 5 declarations issued by Doctor Zanetti – reads the official press release of the club – Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano declares itself astonished and indignant at the words, insinuations and tones used by the owner of Virtus Bologna. Olimpia Milano and his property is known throughout Europe for its correctness and style. Unfortunately it is not the first time that Doctor Zanetti indulges in gratuitous and offensive considerations towards our club and its members. In addition to being imaginative and unfounded, in this moment they are also irresponsible as those released by other members of the Bolognese society had been on the eve of a series that should have shown only the good part of our movement of which evidently the current ownership of Virtus is of very little interest. therefore the Federation to activate the federal prosecutor to verify if there are the details for measures s shareholders towards Virtus and its property “.
There is also the rejoinder of Virtus. “The statements made by Dr. Zanetti have no offensive content towards the Milan club or its members, much less towards his property towards which, indeed, he has repeatedly expressed respect and esteem. The commitment, in terms of investments and total dedication lavished by Virtus in recent years, demonstrates how much Dr. Zanetti and the entire staff of the club are involved in the growth of the entire Italian basketball movement. Therefore, it is out of place. invitation to the federal prosecutor to take action “. The investigation office of the Fip prosecutor, headed by Marco Lucente, immediately activated yesterday morning. The arbitration issue had been critically referred to on April 16 by Messina himself who had defined that of the whistles the only member of Serie A who was still and unable to communicate. Then, on the eve of race-1, Luca Baraldi, in Virtus, riding the social media of the fans had expressed concern about the designations.


On a technical level, there is little to discover. The two teams and the two coaches know each other by heart. Milan has to reload Shields, too bad in race-5 to be true; Bologna is confident in a Belinelli match of its captain and in the redemption of Weems. Coach Scariolo, still back to the wall, will have to come up with something or find a joker to impact the series. But Messina also has little room for error.

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