Messina: "Our victory is never against anyone".  Melli and Hines: "Chacho, he stays with us"

The joy of the protagonists of the Milanese championship number 29. The coach throws a dig at Virtus and then rejoices: “Coppa Italia and Scudetto: it was a splendid season”. The team to Rodriguez: “Don’t go away”

The celebration of the people takes place on the parquet of the Forum where the protagonists of the Milan Scudetto wander around distorted and happy in the midst of fans mad with joy. Here is Nicolò Melli, one of the Olimpia captains (the other is Chacho Rodriguez), with the red jersey and the tricolor number 29 on display: “Every championship is special, even those won abroad, but to win in Italy as an Italian he has something different. An enormous joy that we share with these splendid fans who have dragged us along. I said it: when football ends, the Forum fills up and so it was. We took the advantage in race-1 and we kept it, it’s everyone’s victory, of phenomena like Gigi Datome, Chacho, Hines and Shields, but also of Halla who had an extraordinary season and of all the guys who have always had the right face. Chacho remains? I know, I don’t do the transfer market, I just need to be the co-captain with him. If I had to be alone it would be a mess (laughs) “. Then sweet words for Ettore Messina, the ones he whispered in his ear before the festive gong: “I told him to enjoy the last 5 minutes. If he hasn’t done so I hope he will do it now. Winning the Scudetto and the Coppa Italia in the same season won’t it’s never easy “.

Coach moved

Ettore Messina is almost moved: “Great result after a difficult season. We had problems, injuries but then we regrouped. It was a wonderful series, I completed my third year with a championship, two Italian cups and a Final Four of Euroleague “. then the joke at Virtus: “We didn’t win alone against everyone, but in excellent company. We never rejoice against someone but with the people who love you. The third star? A championship is missing, let’s see what the future holds.

The Chacho

That of the Chacho Rodriguez is on everyone’s lips. He will almost certainly say goodbye to Real Madrid. Kyle Hines claims: “Let’s hope he stays, he’s like a brother.” The Canarian player shields: “I haven’t decided yet, it’s not the time to talk about it, this is the time to celebrate. Today was our day, this is a special title for me because Italy has a special value, mine son was born here “.


Virtus abdicates and leaves the Forum with the desire to try again. Sergio Scariolo is calm in his examination: “Congratulations to Olimpia, we finished the season not in reserve, more than that. Two titles and the return to the Euroleague is a great result. The physical conditions of many of our players were at a glance, many they came to the light. Hackett and Shengelia gave us a hand while they were in condition. Toko was then in pieces, a novel that could have taken the field “. Then a criticism of the form of the finals: “Nobody plays a seven-man final with matches two days apart. Let’s say there would be a revision”.

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