Marie Wattel after qualifying for the 100m butterfly final at the Worlds: "It's a great race"

Arriving without a “result target” but with the desire to build her 100m butterfly, Marie Wattel kept her word perfectly by achieving a fine semi-final on Saturday evening with an excellent comeback to win her half in 56”80 (second time semis behind the American Torri Huske in 56”29). “It’s a great race. After the big failure of the French championships, I try to build my races a little differently and work on this comeback. I’ve always had the habit of leaving very quickly and trying to hold on. Testing yourself like that on the way back is fun and proves that it works. »

“I hope that tomorrow (2nd in 26”60 to first 50, first in 56”80) (Sunday), I could do it well, she continues. I think I have a small margin. When I’m relaxed, that’s what works best and as soon as I try to be a little more aggressive, it doesn’t necessarily work better. There, I felt really relaxed and relaxed. Once I start to overtake the American, I don’t add more either. We’ll see. It’s already great to do 56”8 now when I’ve had a hard time this year. It’s cool that I’ve already gained two seconds in two months on my time at the French championships. It bodes well. »

Disappointment for Grousset and Manaudou

On the other hand, Maxime Grousset and Florent Manaudou eliminated in the semi-final of the 50m butterfly. Ninth in time (23”10), Maxime Grousset said to himself ” a little disappointed “ : “I wanted to make the final, make my first pap final at the world championships. Too bad, next time. I thought it had to be 23”0, I’m 23”10. It was possible but they swam very well the second series. »

Florent Manaudou (23”23), he kept smiling and put it into perspective: “I am in my place. I obviously wanted to make a final but it was way too fast. 23”0, maybe I was able to do it but not today. It’s very messy. I wanted to change a lot of things compared to this morning (Saturday) because the first 15 m was not going at all. During the warm-up, I still wanted to change things, it’s not really the right process (smile) to swim fast. »

“It is a year of transition, explains the Rio Olympic champion. Since I’m not really on my stroke, front crawl or pap, I try things. I’m pretty good in the water, not tired, I have a lot of feelings, I’m taking the opportunity to work for next year and do some shopping. I am far from being able to play for a medal, it does not matter. Honestly, I had a lot of fun during this day and it was cool to be able to play with the others. I’m doing my best time since 2015, it’s not too bad. I’m really looking forward to working next year and being able to play with the best. I was pleasantly surprised by my energy my smile throughout the day. »

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