Mansour's Palermo in the sign of continuity.  Is Gardini the only novelty?

The man of the City Football Group likely to. Confirmation for the ds Castagnini, “imposed” by Baldini

New era, but with the team that brought Palermo to Serie B. The City Football Group is moving in this direction and next week, pending the announcement of the signing scheduled for 1 July, the first renewals. The operational machine of the group headed by Sheikh Mansour has already started and intends to focus on continuity. The most imminent one concerns the sporting director Renzo Castagnini who is moving towards reconfirmation in the role of him. The operational confrontation with Luciano Zavagno, one of the emissaries sent by Manchester for the playoff final with Padua, in the aftermath of the promotion was fruitful, as was the opinion of president Dario Mirri in the meeting last Wednesday in Milan with the representative of the City Football Group, Giovanni Gardini, to close the agreement on the sale of the club for a sum between 10 and 12 million euros. Mirri, maintaining a minority stake, also wanted to suggest an address on the opportunity to start again from the professionalism that allowed the return to Serie B which was welcomed.

Mirri’s work

Reassurances in this sense would have come from the president himself to Castagnini and Baldini who, in the aftermath of the promotion, had sent a strong message on the confirmation of the entire management team, with a particular reference to the director, stating that otherwise he would have gone. . Evidently his line has made a breach and strengthens the position of the coach, also in light of the automatic renewal after the promotion. Castagnini, therefore, is preparing to continue what has already been done in these days with the redemption of Soleri from Padua. He will almost certainly be joined by a man of reference of the City who could be Zavagno himself, a scout of the galaxy belonging to the Mansour holding. The former Argentine defender who played in Italy with Ancona, Catania, Pisa and Turin remained in the city for a few days, based at the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, for an inspection necessary in order to know the mechanisms of the club, such as those of the youth sector, on which excellent feedback was recorded. This is why the current manager Leandro Rinaudo is also traveling towards renewal. The path focused on the rewarding that led to the accomplishment of this season’s enterprise could also involve Rinaldo Sagramola, under contract for another year, but who a few days ago left the position of CEO, keeping only that of general manager. A situation that makes Gardini’s arrival as a new CEO more and more credible and raises a question about the old.


The Palermo branded City starts from certain certainties in strategic places also as a logical consequence of a season that in July will be at the starting line and the need for reference points who already know the situation well, even for the first evaluations in terms of the market which as the first target has the return of Brunori in its sights. The new finances allow the attack on the striker who dragged the rosanero towards the big leap and there is every intention of investing the 5 million euros that Juventus is asking for his card. With regard to the other additions to strengthen the staff, many profiles of the City in orbit will also be taken into consideration, especially young people, who can make a substantial contribution to Palermo in Serie B.

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