Inter, Gosens is already at work: so Robin is preparing for Inzaghi

The German winger also trains away from Appiano Gentile, with the aim of being ready for a leading role in the Nerazzurri in July

Robin Gosens’ over half a million followers know it well: the winger does not waste time even on vacation, when he is away from the football fields. For the Inter player it is in fact the right time to nourish his physique, to train him with exercises of various kinds and intensities. It is one of the reasons for his success, of the factors that have led him to become one of the most coveted external players in Europe thanks to his feats with the Atalanta shirt. However, the German’s adventure at Inter has yet to start and, with Ivan Perisic’s farewell towards Tottenham Hotspur, Gosens has targeted the Nerazzurri’s pre-season retirement with the aim of getting there in the best conditions.

From the ashes

“I can’t wait to start training – he explained a few days ago in an interview in Germany -, my focus is entirely on next season”. 2021-22 has not been over for less than a month and the break already seems to be close to Emmerich’s 27 year old, who wants to put the most difficult season of his life behind him as soon as possible, as he himself defined it. The very long stop due to injury, the opportunity to move from Bergamo to Milan and the inevitable slow rehabilitation up to re-playing the field as a supporting actor. Of course, the victory of the first trophy of his career is certainly not a detail and that Coppa Italia snatched from Juventus in comeback has a very sweet taste, but Robin was born to make an impact and this year he couldn’t do it. So, off to the long run towards 2022-2023, made up of a lot of work, a lot of sweat and the inexhaustible desire that stimulates the player since he kicked the first balls on the fields of North Rhine.

A beastly physique

For this reason, on Instagram, Gosens has often and willingly shown himself at work recently. And he was not limited to the first triathlon of his life completed last Sunday among the social praises of teammates Edin Dzeko and Denzel Dumfries: even when it is not required by the training program, Gosens spends time in the gym, avoiding the muscles become excessively tender away from his band and instead allowing him to restart in July from an already discreet condition. On the other hand, in his first months at Inter, Simone Inzaghi reiterated several times, while Perisic dominated the field, that Robin needed time given the long months in the infirmary. Here, in the new season there will be no more room for such justifications: “The goal is to play the starter”, again to resort to his statements.


In all this, the first months in the Milanese Nerazzurri were also a sort of apprenticeship behind Perisic in interpreting the role of left winger. In training and in matches, the German absorbed all of Inzaghi’s football philosophy and his requests for that role. It is true that even with Gian Piero Gasperini his position was that of the arrow to the left, but there are physiological differences and adaptation times, which have already begun, to make the best of the new team. Net of the experiments with various attacking midfielders (Hakan Calhanoglu, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and possibly Paulo Dybala), Inter is expected with the usual 3-5-2, while in Bergamo the median line was practically always 4 players, with the triangle advanced proposed in various versions. Already each coach interprets the same module in a different way, let alone with a variant like that. The pre-season will also serve this to Gosens: to get used to supporting a trio of midfielders – and not a duo – who will tend to “push” him even wider towards the sideline. More crosses and fewer goals, it could be trivialized, underlining that it is not a mere numerical production, but rather about movements on the field and automatisms with teammates. No hurry, the preseason will also serve this: Robin, meanwhile, runs. As he has always done and always will do, to Inzaghi’s delight.

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