GreenLine 33: the electric yacht with solar panels on the roof

The Slovenian manufacturer offers both hybrid and fully electric propulsion configurations. As for the Yacht 33, equipped with the same battery pack as the BMW i3 that powers a 50 kW electric motor

Tommaso Marcoli

– Poltu Quatu (Sassari)

The energy transition seems destined to involve the entire transport sector. With different ways and times, of course, but there is a need to transform experimentation into concrete applications that are truly capable of giving a change of pace. A courageous example comes from boating: the GreeLine shipyards are a Slovenian reality, recently built and which collects the desire to deeply renew navigation for leisure time. To do this, alongside the thermal and hybrid engines, fully electric propulsion units are proposed, whose access base is the yacht 33. The reference is on foot in length (less than 10 meters). An agile yacht, well furnished and with numerous on-board comforts that offers the pleasure of sailing in total silence without any vibration.

Bmw batteries

The appearance of the GreenLine suggests nothing about its propulsion mode. Certainly unusual for a yacht. Well-finished appearance, quality furnishings, double bedroom under the bow and guest room immediately to the side, in correspondence with the toilets. Four guests can live comfortably on the 33, also given the presence of a small kitchen with table and sofa on the same level as the cockpit. What is surprising is the power unit: the battery pack is made by BMW, has modules for a total of 44 kWh and is the same structure that powered the compact i3. At the customer’s choice, it is possible to add a second battery pack to reach a total capacity of 80 kWh. The engine has a power of 50 kW and allows you to navigate up to a maximum speed of 11 knots (about 20 km / h). Estimated range is approximately 30 nautical miles (50 km) at a cruising speed of 7 knots (12 km / h). The battery can be recharged with a 380 Volt connector; the solar panels on the roof can collect and distribute up to a maximum of 2.8 kWh of electricity. Navigation is very fluid and silent, you can feel the distance with a common diesel boat due to the almost total absence of vibration and acoustic interference dictated by the combustion of the engines. In this sense it is possible to sail the sea in a remarkable comfort on board, enjoying only the waves, the sun and the colors of the water. The only limit can be represented by autonomy. In this sense, the electric version of the 33 is aimed more at those who use the yacht for very short trips during the day, perhaps to reach a beach or to get away from the summer confusion. Certainly the great navigators must still be able to count on the configuration with Yanmar diesel engines of 250 Hp.

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