Fiat 500 LPG vs Fiat 500 Hybrid vs Fiat 500 Elettrica car coupons

Here’s how maintenance and car coupons change if you switch from the Fiat 500 LPG to the Fiat 500 Hybrid or the Fiat 500 Elettrica

How does the car service of maintenance when you pass from an ICE car to an electric or hybrid car? This is the central focus of’s 2022 Electric and Hybrid Car Maintenance Survey which, among others, compares routine maintenance during the first 12 yearsfrom 25 cars between Electric (BEV), Mild Hybrid (MHEV), Full Hybrid (FHEV), Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and “traditional” (ICE – Internal Combustion Engine) for sale in Italy. In this article we tell you in a comparison to 3 which are the car maintenance coupons provided by the Manufacturer for Fiat 500 LPG (ICE), the Fiat 500 Hybrid (MHEV) and the Fiat 500 Electric (BEV) with the differences in the infographic down. All spare parts, checks and manpower hours for the car coupons of the individual models, applied by the official network in Italy, obtained them by requesting them directly from the House.


The survey responds to maintenance questions ordinary more useful for motorists and repairers struggling with the transition from ICE to BEV. As emerged from the analysis of the official maintenance plans, the coupons can be much more expensive than you think. So, for example, know how many hours of labor do the car coupons require of a Mild, Full, Plug-in Hybrid or BEV model, and how often in years / km they must be repeated, can certainly help to make a more informed purchase. In the infographic below are pictured differences in maintenance for the first 12 years between Fiat 500 LPG (ICE), Fiat 500 Hybrid (MHEV) And Fiat 500 Electric (BEV).


THE Fiat 500 LPG car couponsprecisely because of the bi-fuel supply, they are the most challenging in terms of interventions and manpower hours compared to the Hybrid and Electric versions. Instead, the range is the same: every year or 15 thousand km. The most frequent operation that happens at each service is replacement of oil and engine oil filter. Then the other interventions that allow to keep the LPG fuel system and the engine in general in perfect efficiency must be taken into account every 2 years:

brake fluid;

engine air filter and spark plugs;

cabin filter (Fiat recommends replacement every year if driving in dusty areas);

game tappets (regulation);

LPG regulator filter;

LPG paper filter;

LPG system control;

timing belt and accessory drive belt (every 6 years or 120 thousand km);

The total of hours of labor for Fiat 500 1.2 LPG car coupons is beyond the double of the Fiat 500 Elettrica and the 56% more than the Fiat 500 Hybrid, in the following paragraphs. The two coupons they require more hours of manpower I am at 6 and 12 years (4 h each) in which the replacement of the belts is added to the operations relating to the LPG system. In total the Fiat 500 1.2 LPG passes in the workshop 23.2 hours in 12 years for routine maintenance provided by the Manufacturer. See infographic below.


THE car coupons of the Fiat 500 1.0 Hybrid are expected every year or 15 thousand km, but the more efficient and advanced 3-cylinder FireFly requires less interventions on the accessory belt. The replacement of engine oil and oil filter are repeated at each service annual. To these are then added to even couponsthe replacement of:

cabin filter (Fiat recommends replacement every year if driving in dusty areas);

brake fluid;


– engine air filter;

There accessory drive belt instead it must be checked at the 8th year with replacement scheduled only at 240 thousand km. The reduced maintenance compared to the Fiat 500 1.2 LPG is evident and also impacts on the total of hours of manpower: 14.8 h in 12 years. The most demanding car coupons are those even but never exceed 1.5 hours. See infographic below.


THE car coupons of the Fiat 500 Elettrica they are the least demanding of the comparison triptych: always every year or 15 thousand km, but shorter and with fewer replacements. Standard operations at each service I am the checking the 12 V battery and checking the charging socket. The other systematic operations, on the other hand, are:

– the replacement of cabin filter and brake fluid (every 2 years, with even coupons). Fiat recommends replacement every year if driving in dusty areas;

– replacement UConnect battery (every 5 years regardless of km);

There duration of individuals Fiat 500 Electric car coupons it does not vary much, with the only exception to the 10th coupon (1.55 h) in which all the replacements spread in the other coupons are added. The total manpower hours of the Fiat 500 Elettrica (11.85 h) over 12 years are 11.35 hours less than the ICE Bifuel and 8.4 hours less than the Mild Hybrid. This is also the electric car that spends fewer hours in the workshop in the car maintenance comparison of the Survey.

What do they have in common Fiat 500 1.2 LPG, Fiat 500 1.0 Hybrid and Fiat 500 Elettrica? Only the cabin filter and brake fluid to even coupons.

In the infographic below you can learn more in detail maintenance coupons over 12 years of Fiat 500 LPG, Fiat 500 Hybrid and Fiat 500 Elettrica e the macro differences in the interventions and spare parts to be replaced, since the checks at each coupon are many and varied. Labor hours are an important thermometer. In red I am highlighted the interventions not present in the electric.

On this page you can find the maintenance plans and car coupons related to the other models of the survey.

Click the image below to see it in full width.


This is just one of the more than 40 insights that make up the report “Electric and connected cars: impact on the aftermarket and consumers”Created by with the support of our sponsors LKQ – Rhiag, Arval and Repower.

The report publishes originals infographics with the maintenance differences ordinary among 25 cars electric, hybrid and traditional as well unpublished data and analysis thanks to the collaboration of leading companies in the automotive sector, including: Europ Assistance, Unipol Sai, McKinsey, Deloitte, GiPA, Axa Partners Italia, Generali, Allianz, CARUSO and Cobat.

The study is enriched with exclusive interviews who have seen the experts of ANFIA, ADIRA, AICA / EGEA, CLEPA, FIGIEFA, FIA, ACEA AND AIRC / FEDERCARROZZIERIanswer our questions about trend and the most significant challenges that the automotive industry is already facing and will find itself facing in the coming years with the growing diffusion of connected and electrified cars.

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