F1 GP Canada, all against Mercedes: "That guy is suspicious"

Many teams accuse the federation of having favored Mercedes by allowing in advance to use a second tie that “holds” the bottom to mitigate the hopping. To avoid official appeals, Wolff had the system removed from W13s

Paolo Filisetti

– montreal (canada)

All against Mercedes at the Canadian F1 GP 2022. Reason for the dispute? A tie … The technical directive n ° 39, issued by the FIA ​​on Thursday, relating to the actions that the federation in concert with the teams will take against porpoising after having collected the data from each car included as an exception to the current technical regulation, the adoption of a second bottom stiffening tie-rod to reduce bending, ie the amplitude of the shaking caused by porpoising. It caused a sensation in the pit lane to observe that the Mercedes W13 was already equipped with it from the first free practice session.

because against mercedes

The objection raised by the rival teams is precisely related to the extremely fast timing to implement the adoption of the second tie by the technicians of the Brackley team. The objection has a solid technical foundation, as the position and inclination of the tie rod with respect to the ground cannot be improvised. To be effective, the tie rod must be positioned where it effectively prevents bending in ergo running conditions with maximum load generated by the bottom. This obviously can only be achieved after carrying out a study using sophisticated computer simulations, clearly not executable in half a day, the time elapsed between the notification of the technical directive to the teams and the appearance of the second tie-rod on the W13 in the Montreal pits.

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Some team managers in today’s press conference, including Otmar Szafnauer of the Alpine, stirred the specter of the official protest against Mercedes, suspecting the adoption of the second tie-rod in the times described, considering the resulting advantage in terms of performance undoubted. The American manager, in fact, added that the second link mounted on a car that suffers so much from porpoising, such as the W13, would allow the Brackley team to adopt lower ground heights without producing the same negative effect in terms of triggering of the jerks. In practice, the W13 could run with ground heights lower than those which until now allowed it to partially reduce hopping, improving the performance of the car. The more or less pronounced protests of the teams prompted Mercedes to remove the second tie-rod before FP3 in Montreal. Others had in fact suggested deferring the directive’s entry into force at the next Silverstone race, thus allowing everyone to implement measures on the single-seaters, including the second tie rod. On this specific issue it is however appropriate to clarify that the teams that had so far adopted already rigid funds, would not have any immediate advantage from the tie rod. The advantage for these teams, in fact, would lie exclusively in the possibility of creating a lighter version of the bottom. However, it would be a change that would take a few weeks to implement.

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