Electric car columns in Rome, here's the plan: double by the 2025 Jubilee

The Municipality aims to have 5,000 stalls by 2025, against the current 2,000. Simplified the procedure for installation and commissioning, those who leave the car parked after one hour from the end of the recharge will pay more

Alessandro Pinto

Rome begins to prepare to experience a Jubilee in the name of sustainability. At least in transport, considering the municipality’s declared goal of having 5,000 charging stations by 2025, compared to the approximately 2,000 already available. The impetus came from the resolution with the new regulation for the installation and management of electric columns for motor vehicles, approved by the Capitoline Council in recent days. The administration, reads the press release, “taking advantage of the experience of the last four years, has tried to eliminate the distortions and delays that have hindered the previous regulation. Suffice it to say that so far out of 1,600 requests received by the Mobility Department only 800 were successful, demonstrating an evidently flawed system. ” Compared to the past, the focus is on more careful planning and periodic programming of the recharging systems, which will make it possible to cover the entire territory of Rome with a widespread and proportionate distribution of the columns in all the municipalities. The resolution also addresses one of the most controversial points of the past, namely the overlapping of responsibilities between the Municipality and the superintendency, which in many cases has slowed down the installation and activation of the systems. From now on, the positioning will also be coordinated with the superintendency in the central and most prestigious areas of the city. This work will be carried out with the support of the individual municipalities and with the electricity distribution body, in order to limit the work time as much as possible. Finally, an international competition will be launched for the design of the columns branded with the “Roma” brand to stimulate the creativity of the best international designers.

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In addition to a distinctive design, the new charging stations will also be chosen for the technical quality and the services they will be able to offer. The competitive nature of the competition provides for this. Interoperability between operators will be guaranteed, so that each driver can access the charging operations even at columns of different operators than their own. Sensors capable of detecting abusive stops will be installed in the new stalls; in order to discourage the already widespread malpractice of using the charging stalls as simple parking lots. After 10 minutes, if the recharge is not started, the signal will be triggered. This also applies to those who have to recharge the vehicle, with a surcharge applied for those who leave the car parked after an hour from the end of the recharge. All the old columns and old power sockets will be gradually replaced to align the charging capacity and speed with modern technologies. “The new regulation – declared the Councilor for Mobility Eugenio Patanè – will bring a radical change of pace in the installation and management of electric columns. A change that has become even more necessary today after the European Parliament, precisely in these days, declared its intention to eliminate endothermic motor vehicles from our cities by 2035. Among the main objectives of the new regulation, the extension of the number of plan areas to spread the columns throughout the city, arriving by Jubilee to 5 thousand parking spaces, facilitate and simplify the lives of citizens in the use of devices, discourage the abusive and improper use of recharging spaces “.

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