10 years in prison for promoters who were found in possession of toxins of various kinds in Annaba

The Criminal Court of First Instance panel heard the statements of members of a criminal group specialized in storing and transporting narcotics and psychotropic substances for the purpose of trading them, after they were overthrown and in possession of a quantity of toxins. Annaba, while his two partners denied all the facts despite the fact that their names were mentioned in the case by the first accused, who revealed that they were the main financiers of him with the treatment method and hallucinogenic tablets. October of 2018, when the security services succeeded in overthrowing an organized criminal group that was involved in supplying, placing and storing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for the purpose of promoting them. Between 48 and 70 years old, the information received by the members of the mobile squad of the judicial police in Sidi Ammar indicated that a person had carried out the operation of distributing drugs and psychotropic substances. I have a neighborhood level of 508 dwellings in Sidi Ammar and it is related to the suspect “L.N”, who was arrested and his house was searched, along with the seizure of a significant amount of drugs and hallucinogenic pills of various types represented in two cans of drugs and small pieces with a total weight of 159.9 grams in addition to 168 hallucinogenic tablets of the type “Oleneza” and 149 “Dormazine” hallucinogenic tablets, in addition to 48 “Ketyl” tablets, 41 “Parkinal” tablets, and 59 “Prazepam” tablets, with a total number of 465 hallucinogenic tablets. The name “L.N” admitted to having poisons Which was seized inside his house, highlighting his intention to trade it in his neighborhood and confirmed that he has been accustomed to this profession for a long time, and that B.M. and B.N. are his main partners who finance him with various types of drugs and hallucinogenic pills. He touched on the smallest details, especially the price of his acquisition of these toxins from their side and the place of concluding the sale and purchase transactions that were carried out, according to his statements, at the level of the old city or Revolution Square in Annaba or the train station in most cases. m . inspection We requested the Attorney of the Republic to raid the house called “B.M” in order to seize an amount of psychotropic substances represented in 1053 hallucinogenic tablets of various types, in addition to the amount of 860000.00 DA seized in his possession, which is likely to be from the proceeds of the promotion, while the competent authorities did not find such The types of those poisons inside the house of the name “B.N”, who ruled out the actions attributed to him in whole and in detail. It is worth noting that the court issued a ruling convicting the defendants of a 10-year prison sentence in force at the end of last week, which is the same ruling issued by the Criminal Court of First Instance last February.

Walid Sebti

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